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Now You Can Deposit Into Your CurrencyFair Account Using Australian BPAY

August 10, 2015 how-to

What Is BPAY and How Long Does BPAY Take To Transfer?

Nobody likes paying bills, but in Australia this necessary evil led to the creation of a time-saving system known as BPAY.


How to Use BPAY With Your CurrencyFair Account

BPAY offers fast, secure and convenient bill payments through over 150 Australian financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, covering over 95 per cent of the consumer banking market. That means most Australians can now enjoy the convenience of paying their bills with BPAY.

And with BPAY offered on over 44,000 bills (via 22,000 billers and more than 22,000 Sub Billers), these businesses cover a spectrum of industries with over 299 industry (ANZSIC) codes represented in the BPAY biller file. We now accept more payments than ever. In fact, each month we help process more than 30 million bills worth more than $24 billion — with around 92 per cent of these paid through a customer’s online or mobile bank.

We like the way BPAY is described on the official BPAY website:

“Paying bills with BPAY is almost too easy. Just jump onto your online, mobile or phone bank, enter a few details, and you’re done. We can’t promise to make bill paying exciting — but we can promise you’ll be excited by the time and effort you save.”

Sounds a little like CurrencyFair.

Now You Can Deposit Into Your CurrencyFair Account Using Bpay

Deposit Into Your CurrencyFair Account Using Australian BPAY

There are two easy steps when using BPAY to deposit into your CurrencyFair account.

  1. Log in to your CurrencyFair account and register a new pending deposit. You’ll want to make a note of the CurrencyFair Biller Code and your Ref number.Use BPAY for CurrencyFair
  2. Log into your usual online banking account and choose the BPAY option. Enter CurrencyFair’s Biller Code and your Ref (Reference) code. Confirm the transfer and it’s done!

When your money arrives into your CurrencyFair account from BPAY, we’ll send you an automatic email telling you that your money is ready to be exchanged and transferred out to its final destination.


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