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Our philosophy We’re not here to add more to life, we’re just joining up some of the dots.

CurrencyFair began as the answer to a common problem; expats looking for a cheap, simple way to move money to and from their new home countries. The easiest way to achieve this was swapping with friends who had the corresponding need. This simple idea worked well, so the natural evolution was a service that would make this option available to everyone.

Meet the team These are the people who make CurrencyFair happen

Brett Meyers

Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Brett is an Aussie expat living in Ireland, with a background in programming and finance. In fact, it's almost as though CurrencyFair was his destiny! Brett likes solving problems, and finding better ways to do things. He hates misleading advertising, and will try to expose it when he sees it, particularly in the area of foreign exchange.

Sean Barrett

Director & Co-Founder

At the wrong side of 30 and living in Ireland for nearly 10yrs I finally resigned myself to the fact I would not be playing rugby for the Australian Wallabies. As one door closed another opened and I became a co-founder of CurrencyFair. With over 10yrs experience in banking, I am fortunate enough to have returned home and I now head up the Australian operations from Newcastle Australia.

Aaron Harvey

Customer Experience - Support

Born and bred in Dublin, recently returned from living in New Zealand. I have previously worked in the digital marketing industry and have been a part of many projects including the launch of daily deal websites, online reputation management through to implementing cross platform Single sign-on. I love to travel, and try to go on an adventure any chance I can get! I have made it my life goal to keep ticking things off the bucket list, most amazing thing I've ever done was swim with dusky dolphins in the Pacific Ocean! I love going to the gym, cooking, watching movies and football! I am excited to continue to learn and grow at CurrencyFair!

Eoghan Mulligan

Business Analyst

Eoghan came to CurrencyFair after 4 years in world of banking, where after seeing the banks latest yearly profits he decided it was time to go and work for the good guys. He loves anything related to Operations and is hoping to use his background to make our customer experience even better. When not in work, you can find on the beach at home in Skerries. Or searching out the best coffee in Dublin (Ask and he'll tell you).

Nils Andén


A Swedish Londoner with a passion for exciting and relevant marketing and communication. Having worked at Unibet before joining CurrencyFair he has a history of challenging big stagnant businesses that overcharge their customers. Nils is leading the marketing department in CurrencyFair and is trying to build the best Fintech brand in the world.

Ben Geoghegan

Inbound Marketing

Having worked in Australia, Asia and Europe, Ben has experienced more than his fair share of currency rip-offs over the years. This makes him angry, and you wouldn't like Angry Ben! As a former HR consultant and editor of a HR website, Ben looks after all things HR and content marketing. Ben is an avid, one-eyed, obsessive, dyed-in-the-wool fan of Manchester United, Roma, AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Perth Glory.

Fintan Byrne

Head of Compliance

Fintan joined CurrencyFair in September of 2015 having spent the previous four years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various senior compliance roles with Arab National Bank (ANB) and its subsidiary company ANB Invest. Fintan has served as Director of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI). Before his days in cross-border financial services he worked in Lombard & Ulster and started his career with Irish Permanent. While working in branches he was in eighteen armed raids. Fintan is a frequent speaker at conferences in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Africa on topics ranging from Anti-Money Laundering to Risk & Corporate Governance.

Kiera Hamilton

Customer Experience - Support

Kiera has spent the last 2.5 years working for Westpac in the customer service division. She brings a passion for 5 star customer service and business improvement, with a further 5 years experience in retail and administration. When Kiera doesn't have her nose to the grind stone, she likes to attend concerts, the gym and spend all her spare money on wedding magazines planning her upcoming wedding.

David McVeigh

Risk and Compliance Administrator

Having previously worked as an economics teaching assistant in DCU & 2 years as a private clients administrator in the philanthropic world of the stockbroking industry, I am now a valiant recruit of the AML team in CurrencyFair. After an admirable day of crime fighting, I enjoy emulating the performances of Cristiano Ronaldo in 5 a side football and replicating the culinary skills of Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, both tending to result in injury.

Colin McHugh

Customer Transaction Monitoring

After spending 13yrs in the Banking Sector, Colin likens his escape to Andy Dufrense in Shawshank Redemption 'Coming out clean on the otherside' . He has joined the CurrencyFair AML team, where he believes he is fighting crime for the good guys. When he is not crime fighting you will more than likely find Colin playing football or watching the 1982 All-Ireland final or as he calls it Offaly's greatest day.

Leo Rogers

Customer Experience - Onboarding

Leo is another member of the team at CurrencyFair who had previously spent his best years working in banking for Barclays in London. Having seen the light he has moved with his young family to relocate from the UK to Australia and is now assisting on AML matters with the office down under. In his spare time (when his son affords him some) amongst many interests he likes sports and travel. YNWA!

Lorraine Pountney

Manager – Customer Experience

Lorraine brings 15+ years of management experience in the finance sector to CurrencyFair and has responsibility for all things AML. Having worked in the corporate world for her entire career she is really enjoying the “go get it” attitude and innovative spirit of the CurrencyFair office. When not using her crime fighting superpowers in the office she is kept on her toes by her two young children. In her limited spare time Lorraine loves to cook for her friends and family, attempts to grow organic veg and avidly follows all “house related” TV programmes as she is currently building her own home.

David Taylor

Clearing, Payments & Investigations

After a 6 year stint in the corporate world with KPMG and AIB David realized it was definitely time for a change and joined the payments and recs team here in CurrencyFair. Davids passions in life are food, tv, football and payments! He loves playing, watching and talking football especially anything Arsenal. David is also currently on the look out for Dublins best sandwich!

Nicola Baird

Team Lead – Clearing, Payments & Investigations

Nicola joined the CurrencyFair team as a Settlements and Reconciliations Officer. For her sins, she had previously worked in the banking sector for nearly 10 years! Nicola had a keen interest in Camogie during her younger years but after two broken arms, happily resigned herself to the side lines. However a newfound love of pool in CurrencyFair may bring out her competitive side.

Geoff Daniel

Clearing, Payments & Investigations

Geoff joined the Client Services team after three years with a US multinational. In a previous life he worked as a journalist, where his natural nosiness was rewarded and not frowned upon. Believing himself a good pool player he challenged everyone in CurrencyFair to a game. This hasn't turned out well as he is currently without a win. His other hobbies are swimming in the Irish Sea (when he's feeling brave) and playing tennis.

Shane Bullman

Finance Machine

Originally from Cork but a stone's throw from the butter museum, Shane spent a large period of his early life in national service working as a bartender. After a short spell in France, he arrived in Dublin in 2004 to spend a few months with family and 10 years on, still hasn't been able to escape. During the 10 years, Shane has worked numerous companies in the area of payments, training for his move to CurrencyFair. Shane dislikes cats.

Stella Curley

Product Designer

Stella was born and raised in the West, near the world's smallest city. Following a period working in the world of Architecture, she went under the laser for a Digital Media makeover, emerging with a passion for creating meaningful user experiences in the digital landscape. She likes taking pictures, getting things to work, the dance floor and her big bicycle. Stella has come to Currency Fair to make our online products enjoyable and easier to use, saving our customers not just money, but time and effort when exchanging currency online.

Alex Grabe


Alex is one of the early employees of CurrencyFair. Alex has worked for several corporations across Europe and Asia and loves solving business problems and improving the business he gets involved in. When he is not working, he loves to shoot some hoops on local courts and is also an avid console gamer. He is a living proof that white men can jump.

Kamil Tunkiewicz

Software Engineer

Kamil is a Software Engineer working mostly with PHP & Javascript but he's not afraid of Java. He recently moved to Ireland from Poland where he worked as a Web Developer for last few years. He has also worked in IT, Sales and Electronics industry. Outside of work, he enjoys playing the piano and as he previously studied Electronics, he loves to build electronic devices and robots.

Sallyann Holmes

Clearing, Payments & Investigations

Having worked in banking and finance for many years, Sallyann came to CurrencyFair to join the Operations team. With a keen interest in Marketing, Sallyann studies on the side a degree in Marketing with Digital Media, and recently completed a diploma in Marketing, Sales, Advertising and PR. She also worked as a care assistant for a short time before going on to study nursing. Sallyann loves to travel ( to escape the Irish weather) and loves eating out. She loves dogs, every cat she owned ran away, and when she was a child the family had a pet donkey named Bigears!

Darren Lawler

Clearing, Payments & Investigations

Darren is an early user of CurrencyFair and then became an early stage investor. In Jan 2013 he left his job of ten years running a Multi-Strategy Equity Hedge Fund based in London to manage CurrencyFair's Risk & Payments. In his spare time Darren enjoys Parkour while base jumping with sharks.

Matt Craze

Product Designer

Originally hailing from Albury, Australia, Matt recently relocated to Dublin from Melbourne. He started out as a digital designer but quickly progressed into UI/UX design and front end development. In his role at CurrencyFair Matt combines his enjoyment for problem solving with his flair for creativity. In his spare time he avidly follows any and all sports, his passion being AFL and anything Essendon Bombers related. In fact he has recently come out of retirement to don his AFL boots for the occasional match with the South Dublin Swans.

Mary Acosta

Team Lead, Onboarding (Australia)

Mary works as CurrencyFair's AML Administrator out of the Australian Office. Before making the move to CurrencyFair she worked primarily in Financial Markets Operations at St George Bank for eight plus years. Mary is a bookworm and in her spare time, when not reading, you will find her shopping in cute little boutiques, hunting down great coffee and even better food or at a Power Yoga class.

Leah Harrison

Team Lead – Customer Experience (Australia)

Leah is passionate about customer service excellence and has a strong background in both customer service and administration. Prior to joining CurrencyFair Leah worked for Canon Australia for a number of years in various customer service roles before making the move to HR Team Assistant for Pacific Smiles Group. When not at work she spends time in sporting events from Rugby to Cricket thanks to her husband and 3 kids and she has even learnt to score at some cricket games.

James Kielty

SEO Marketing

James was a cute, but hairy baby, and realised from an early age the advantages of recording music off the radio onto tapes. Joining Paddy Power, James developed a keen interest in all things searchy, spending three years on their SEO Team, dominating everything. Moved to CurrencyFair to see what this start-up lark is all about. Liverpool supporter, but realises this probably isn't our year. Next year isn't either. Dog lover, because cats are dishonest.

Eoghan Carney

Team Lead – Customer Experience

Eoghan is a member of the CurrencyFair client services team. Prior to this, he spent two years at Google Maps in various roles from customer service to project management. Eoghan's a big football fan and occasionally likes to pretend he is a football player on the 5-a-side pitch. He also plays the drums and aims to form the inaugural CurrencyFair 80s tribute act.

Michelle Crotty

Customer Experience - Support

Originally started out in the retail industry, with a passion for fashion, which was short lived when I realised working in retail meant having no social life. I did a short stint in Allianz before starting off as a temp at CurrencyFair and fell in love - mainly fueled by the bar and the pool table! I'm now permanent in CurrencyFair and hope to take Eoghans job within the year!!!

Graeam Kingham

Marketing (Australia)

Graeam started out in banking and finance before co-founding an FX start-up. Drawn by the allure of the new P2P foreign exchange space, Graeam joined CurrencyFair, bringing his 12 years' experience in FX to help run the Australian operation.

Keith Carolan

Business Analyst

Keith is a member of the CurrencyFair Product team. Prior to joining CurrencyFair he spent four years working at Citi, where he was instrumental in the building of, and rollout of a global cash collections network across 70 countries. Having become disillusioned with the ever-increasing FX charges to send money to other banks, he jumped at the chance to join the CurrencyFair team to take on the big banks.

Rob Cassidy

Customer Transaction Monitoring

Having previously worked as a complaints guru for IFDS, a business process outsourcing company, for over three years, the sway of working beside my old haunt Russells, was too hard to refuse. Oh that and helping CurrencyFair's AML team fight crime on a daily basis. In my spare time I enjoy watching rugby and football and playing the occasional game of pool... but according to a colleague I'm like origami... I fold under pressure.

Kevin Yourell

CRM Manager

Kevin comes with nearly 4 years' experience working in various different Startups involved in some very different industries, everything from voucher redemption and bookings, to computer games and groceries. As well as founding Ireland's first subscription service for men's underwear. Kevin joined the CurrencyFair team to help with growth through great customer service. His loves are Coffee and Comics.

Seán Watmore

Customer Transaction Monitoring

After completing a degree in Sociology I went on to work as a fraud investigator in the banking world for a few years and then for one of the most infamous loans companies in the UK so now its definitely time to work with the good guys for a change. Big interest in all things music and handy with a paddle after all my years playing ping pong in Din Daeng.

Michael Addison

Clearing, Payments & Investigations (Australia)

Michael worked for Westpac in retail and back office until he joined fair dinkum CurrencyFair. He loves music and enjoys playing his harmonica and guitar and if provoked can belt out some vocals. He loves to travel and had a fantastic time in the Big Easy in New Orleans on one of these trips. He enjoys fishing and crabbing. He's mad for rugby, cricket and enjoy his walks with his Cattle Dog, Cabbage.

Killian Byrne

Customer Experience – Support

Killian joined CurrencyFair after many years of client service experience in companies such as Unilever ,O2 and Aviva Insurance In his spare time he likes watching and playing football, cricket and golf (badly). Unfortunately his spare time is non-existent at the moment as he has recently become a proud new Dad. Around the office he can be heard recalling stories about his new baby daughter, which his colleagues find fascinating.

Mario Magdic

Software Engineer

Mario recently moved from Croatia to Dublin where he works as a software engineer at CurrencyFair. He got started with programming in 7th grade when he figured out how to modify video game scripts to get better cars in the game and has loved software development ever since. Mario is a big fan of Star Trek and Top Gear.

Željko Kunica

Software Engineer

Željko started programming immediately after getting his first ZX80 back in the '80s. He thinks that code should to be like a novel - easy to read and understand, but interesting enough to make you think about it. Previously working in fields of banking and betting, he found himself wanting to go global with CurrencyFair.

Nicole Waddell

Risk and Compliance Administrator

Nicole is a Canadian who hates the cold, something Australians struggle to understand. Unfortunately, living in London for 5 years did not prepare her for avoiding sharks here in sunny Oz. I am a member of the AML team, putting my English and Australian law degrees to good use. Having worked in upmarket restaurants around the world, she knows fantastic places to eat and have extensive knowledge of wine. All of which have helped her easily settle into the Australian office.

Mateusz Bajorek

Software Engineer

Mateusz is a software engineer playing around with Java for 5 years already. Wanted to be a doctor, studied medicine for a year but decided that logical thinking is more appealing to him and so he pursued his hobby - programming. Expat coming from Poland, craft beer lover, hardcore boardgames player and Eastern Asia culture enthusiast who can speak some Japanese.

Anca Nicolae

Software Engineer

Anca is a passionate Java Engineer always eager to get things done and learn new technologies. Having lived in Sweden for a while and coming from the outsourcing IT world, she likes efficient and innovative solutions. When not at work, she loves planning on new trips and often dreams about having all sorts of once in a lifetime experiences. She eventually ends up having them while travelling.

Kishore Yekkanti

Lead Software Engineer

Kishore, a polyglot fullstack developer who loves to work across different technologies. Having worked for many years across different technologies with big fat MNC's to NGO's in Africa, he was bitten by the startups bug almost 2 years ago and has ever since not looked back. Kishore brings to the table a strong and deep technical experience combined with consulting and product management skills. He is passionate in Open Source software.

Gareth Pelly

Lead Software Engineer

Gareth is a Lead PHP Engineer, having previously worked in the ATS industry and later with Hostelworld before joining CurrencyFair. A keen tech conference attendee and likes to keep in touch with the latest tech trends. He enjoys eating out (including obsessive check-ins on Facebook) and one day intends to write a restaurant guide called 'Nyoms of Ireland'. In his spare time, he likes running, watching F1, taking photos (without a selfie-stick) and tinkering with a Raspberry Pi.

Esther Loynton

Head of Business Transformation

Esther has worked in the financial services and payments industry for 10 years (I know, I know, she only looks 21...well 25 maybe). Esther comes from an Operational background originally and moved into IT and Business Consultancy. Esther is very excited to join CurrencyFair's Product Team. Esther loves travelling, eating out, taking in pretty scenery and enjoying weekends in her hometown of Sligo.

Paul Murphy

Design Manager

Paul has worked as a designer for both business and consumer focused digital products for the last number of years. Believing in a 'Less, but better' approach to design, Paul strives to create a meaningful and intuitive experience for all CurrencyFair users. Also, he owns two pet cockatiels, one of whom is named after Meryl Streep.

Carl O'Gorman

Clearing, Payments & Investigations

Before joining CurrencyFair Carl worked as a sub editor for the Irish Daily Star, as a gardener in Vancouver and in the NAMA Department of AIB. Carl's interests include football, getting his hair cut and wearing the skinniest jeans in the office (this includes females).

Brian Murphy

Customer Experience – Onboarding

Brian joined us after stints in Glanbia and SAP Ireland as an SAP Support Analyst. When not traipsing around the country following his beloved Longford Town, he is also a long suffering Longford GAA & Liverpool fan, as well as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things film and TV. Not so proud owner of the dodgiest knees this side of the Shannon.

Adam Eager

Customer Experience – Support

Adam is a member of the Client Services team having previously worked in Production Operations with Omnipay and as a Team Lead and Data Evaluator with Google Maps. Having recently moved out to Bray, Adam is relishing the new traffic chaos he encounters on his daily commute to and from CurrenyFair. In his spare time he enjoys playing 'Wreck the Place' with his toddler son. Responds well to cheese.

Shane O'Donoghue

Head of Business

Shane has a strong financial services background working previously as a corporate treasury dealer as well as within the retail foreign exchange space as a business analyst. He's passionate about great products and first-rate user experiences. A thrill-seeker at heart, Shane also enjoys golf, 5-a-side football and the occasional trip away snowboarding. Loves cats.

Brian Finnegan

Lead Product Owner

Brian is a Galwegian living in Dublin for too many years to count. He joined the Product team in CurrencyFair after three years in Realex Payments. When not at work Brian enjoys shouting at inept performances from his chosen sports teams, playing sports (also ineptly), talking loudly, eating burritos and writing biographies about himself.

Robert Sheehan

Product Owner

Rob started working on the Customer Activation Team here in CurrencyFair in 2015. He now works on the Product Team and has responsibility for our Business Product. He spent some time working in Shanghai before returning to Ireland to take up a position with AIB Merchant Services. He then worked for Citi in an AML role before joining CurrencyFair. Although his playing days are somewhat behind him, he is a keen follower of GAA, football, and rugby.

Lorraine O'Neill

Human Resources Business Partner

Lorraine joined the CurrencyFair team as the People Operations Coordinator. Lorraine has a passion for travelling and recently returned from Vancouver, Canada where she lived and worked for 4 years. During her time there, Lorraine not only learned how to ski, but also gained fantastic experience in the HR field. She is excited to work along-side her team members to build on the fantastic culture at CurrencyFair as we continue to grow.

Sabrina Taribelli

Software Engineer

She comes from northern Italy. She has 8 years experience of which the last 3 spent in Ireland. She loves technology and that's what led her where she is today. She likes to play music and disturbs the neighbours from time to time with her violin and guitar.

Illia Kolodiazhnyi

Software Engineer

Started his career in Ukraine where he gained initial experience in programming working remotely for Canadian and USA companies. He ended up joining CurrencyFair in Dublin trying the best to apply his skills. He is struggling to like the Irish weather and teaching coworkers to properly pronounce his surname.

Gavin Young

Team Lead – Clearing, Payments & Investigations (Australia)

Gavin knocked on CurrencyFair's door in 2015, bringing with him 20 years' experience in global financial markets and financial services. Spanning roles from derivatives trading and alternative asset management through to building and leading operational teams, he has worked for the likes of Standard Chartered Bank and BNP Paribas, along with strong Australian institutions and boutique investment managers. His true passions revolve around ocean waves and snowy mountainsides. Professionally, he is excited to be an integral part of achieving CurrencyFair’s vision.

Maxime Broussard

Data Scientist

When he's not busy apologizing on behalf of his country for the hand of Thierry Henry that cost Ireland its qualification to the World Cup 2010, or loosing at table tennis, Max works as a data scientist at CurrencyFair (aka plays with data using Python) in order to find new insight to help the business make the best decisions.

Emma Whelan

Customer Experience - Onboarding

I have over 10 years experience working in Financial Services in areas such as Customer Service and Merchant Services. The recession lead me to Australia for nearly four years where I worked as an AML Analyst. Missing all things Irish, I returned home with the hope of working for an exciting and innovative company and breaking away from the banking environment I was so use to. This brought me to CurrencyFair and I am excited to be apart of the AML team here. I love long chats about all things food related. This generally happens during meal times. 24/7 really!

Elaine Waters

Customer Experience – Onboarding

Having worked in Financial Services for large multi-nationals for the last 10 years I feel completely liberated making the break away from all that is Hedge Funds. I am so happy to be part of Currency Fairs AML team. My favorite things in life are brunch & cocktails with family & friends. My ultimate life goal is to work remotely whilst travelling the world.

Emma Byrne

Head of People

Having spent ten years in the Retail industry, Emma joined the world of FinTech with an open mind. She is genuinely passionate about how the People & Culture function can add value to a business. When not working, Emma is a busy lady! Usually found out and about; on the bike, at the gym, at the theatre, trying new restaurants, singing in her car, dancing in her kitchen, and making travel plans, amongst other things.

Davin McAnaney

Head of Marketing

With over 13 Years experience in all things Digital; CurrencyFair is Davin’s 4th tech start up. As well as starting and selling his own online venture, he’s previously set up & scaled two online businesses for Paddy Power. Born with a plastic spoon in his mouth, he is passionate about Fintech and is a preacher of simpler & transparent financial services for all! In his spare time, he is a struggling musician, tinkling the ivories for his supper!

Sharon Lawlor

Accounts Assistant

After serving her time in the banking industry in Scotland, ten years at Natwest Branch and three years in RBS Head Office she set sail for her time in Oz. After 3 years of some amazing travelling and gaining experience in the finance world of retail it was back to sunny Ireland. Outside of work Sharon likes to run, however her love of socialising sometimes impedes this!

Eadan Fahey

Data Scientist

Before joining CurrencyFair as a Data Analyst Eadan studied Mathematics in UCC. At the moment his main interests lie in machine learning and he loves playing with data in R and Python. If you see Greek symbols written on one of the office whiteboards – he was likely nearby!

Alan Beatty

Finance Manager

A native of Dublin, Alan has worked in finance roles across a range of industries over the last ten years, including financial services, tech, and online gaming. He jumped at the opportunity to work with an ambitious and difference making company like CurrencyFair. Father to a teenage daughter, he seeks sanctuary in cycling and is thoroughly looking forward to embracing his MAMIL years (Middle Aged Men In Lycra, for those not in the know!).

Ed Timmons

Customer Experience - Support

Ed has worked in the financial services industry for over six years, working in several different roles, from project administrator to complaint specialist for the UK’s biggest payday lenders. He is a big football fan and has a passion for music and cars.

Amanda Gillespie

Customer Experience - Onboarding

Amanda left Donegal 6 years ago to move to Dublin and has been working in financial services ever since. She previously worked with BOI’s financial crime unit before I got the opportunity to join CurrencyFair. Amanda is so happy to have joined the AML team. When she is not working she loves all things sports related and nights out and you will more than likely find her in Donegal at the weekends!

Lynn Park

Office Manager

Dublin born and have recently returned from Western Canada where she lived for a number of years. Strong event management, executive assistant and office management experience across a variety of interesting and challenging industries. She loves to travel and enjoy being out and about with family, friends and meeting new people. she's hands on and approachable. Always up for a laugh. She's happiest when eating or even thinking about food. Chocolate is her friend.

Caitriona Healy

Financial Accountant

After four years in an accounting firm Caitriona decided industry was the way so jumped at the chance to join the Currenyfair finance team. Between bank recs Caitriona can be found in Croke Park on a Sunday supporting the boys in blue, or in front of the TV screaming at the Irish rugby team. Caitriona also loves cooking and baking, the odd time treating the office to some homemade cakes.

Jason Germaine

Software Engineer

Having been bitten by the Fintech bug from a year spent working within an online trading company in London, Jason knew that CurrencyFair would be the perfect place for him upon his return to Dublin. When away from work, Jason likes to go visiting new cities and thinks that there is nothing more relaxing than the occasional weekend binge of a good TV series!

Paul Byrne


As a CurrencyFair customer, I was intrigued by the way I was able to save so much when making FX transfers. When I returned to Ireland after building and selling three hugely successful software businesses in the US, I met with the founders, and became an even bigger fan and believer in the opportunity to transform the way people transact foreign currency and move their money. So I invested in and joined the Company to lead its growth and drive the mission of fair, transparent and low cost FX services for all.

Fionnán Alt

Head of Data Science & Analytics

Fionnán heads up the data team which is responsible for all things data and focuses on driving company strategy through data science. He joins us from Web Summit where he built and led the data science team for the last 3 years, helping scale the business from 25 to 160 people. Fionnán studied Physics in TCD, is an avid sailor and likes cycling, cooking and travelling in his spare time.

Sri Prasanna

Lead Engineer

Sri Prasanna is an end-to-end architect and is very passionate about Open Source Software and Hardware. He is an expert in Web Application Security and has helped numerous Internet Giants to secure their applications. He likes his steaks rare and believes it is only a sin if you eat Indian cows!

Stefanie Horstmann

Programme Manager

I’m a Programme Manager from Cape Town, South Africa.  I have previously lived in Ireland (10 years ago) so when I got the opportunity to move back, I grabbed it with both hands (clearly I forgot about the weather). I’m very passionate about PM and love getting all the pieces of a project together to create a seamless big picture. I love to cook and bake and can whip together the meanest, most decadent chocolate cake ever.

Sylvie McDermott

Chief Product & Engineering Officer

A French Dubliner with a passion for customer experience and online e-commerce, Sylvie joined the CurrencyFair family in October 2016 to run the Product and Engineering team. Sylvie has been building product strategies for companies like Vodafone, O2, Digicel Group as well as companies like Paddy Power and Betfair. Sylvie is well used to fast paced growth companies and is looking forward to make CurrencyFair's Product the best solution for our customers.

Monike O’Reilly

Product Designer

Monike was born and raised in the south of Brazil, where she completed her undergraduate studies in interactive art. Upon moving to Ireland, she completed a MA in Digital Media, and began working as UX/UI designer for a mobile agency. She then moved to the travel industry, and worked as a product designer for four years. She is inspired by simple and meaningful digital experiences. Things she likes: deep sea creatures, bad (but good) sci-fi and making useful things.

Rob Hewitt

Head of CRM and Business Marketing

Rob joined the company in January 2017 having previously built and scaled marketing teams in the Gaming and SaaS sectors. With experience working in fast-paced, innovative growth businesses, he jumped at the chance to join CurrencyFair, and is excited about engaging with our growing base of business customers.

Łukasz Szmit

Lead Engineer

Łukasz is a Polish expat living in Ireland since 2004. He spent close to two decades building a successful engineering career at Ferrostaal, University College Dublin, Hostelworld and Facebook, ultimately joining CurrencyFair in early 2017. A Trinity College graduate in Information Systems Management, with a passion for cats, parametric design and vintage Mercedes-Benz cars. His life's motto is "adopt, adapt and improve".

Clodagh Sherry

Customer Experience, Support

Clodagh is a self-confessed foodie that loves to try new bars and restaurants all over the city. Other priorities are family, friends, travelling and both Personal and Professional Development. She currently studies Nutrition along with Business and HR Management to help further her career and indulge her food obsession. CurrencyFair is a company she has been interested in for many years having lived abroad and she is so excited to finally work here!

Linda Sahlin

Team Lead, Onboarding

Linda brings a broad experience from financial services, retail and IT industries. She has developed her people management skills in her previous roles and practices these on her kids on a daily basis! Linda is passionate about her Swedish heritage and is currently the President of SWEA Ireland (the Irish chapter of Swedish Women’s Educational Association Inc.). She likes reading, travelling and running: running to keep fit and running around after the kids.

Ruth Fletcher

Eoin Greene

Head of Engineering

Eoin heads up our engineering team, having spent the majority of his career leading high energy, delivery driven Fintech teams. He likes to work in high pressure, results focused environments with a passion for quality user experiences. In his spare time, whilst not chasing his 3 small kids and mad Swedish wife - Eoin tries to coach his local u-6 soccer team, plays golf, runs, and is interested in every sport known to mankind.

Pankaj Kumar

Data Analyst

Pankaj holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from TCD. His extensive research background provides him a heavy dose of mathematics and strong sense of exploration. His voracious curiosity led him to acquire skills in Machine Learning and Data Science. His passion to locate hidden gems within large datasets using Python led him to grab the opportunity to join Currencyfair as a Data Analyst.

Alexis Bertin

UI Developer

Unable to use a whip and not handsome enough to wear a Fedora, Alexis considers the Internet as a continent to explore and decided to spend a lifetime trying to make it a better place. He likes fancy English words that he's not sure how to pronounce correctly such as "indubitably". He also enjoys saying random French words like "charcuterie" with a thick English accent to make them sound sophisticated.

Tammy McNabola

Customer Experience Support

Having travelled, lived and worked in many different places, this Dutch native is now happy to call Ireland her home. Tammy brings a wide range of experience having worked for well-known multinationals in the world of Digital Advertising, Financial Services and eCommerce. She recently completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing and is now pursuing a Master's in International Business. When she is not studying, she enjoys her early morning runs.

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Our Offices CurrencyFair HQ is based in Dublin, Ireland. We also have offices in Australia and the UK.



Colm House, 91 Pembroke Road,
Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


+353 (0) 1 526 8411
(11pm Sun - 6pm Fri IST)



Suite 201, 19 Honeysuckle Drive,
Newcastle, NSW, 2300


+61 (0) 282 798 642
(8am Mon - 3am Sat EST)



Robert Denholm House
Bletchingley Road,
Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4HW


+44 (0) 203 3089353
(11pm Sun - 6pm Fri GMT)