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Guide to Moving to France

April 5, 2018

La Vie En Rose: Complete Guide to Moving to France Evenings spent overlooking the water in La Rochelle, devouring a fresh croissant in Marseille or sipping a beautiful glass of Saint-Emilion while in Bordeaux can entice people to think about making a holiday to France a more permanent one. For others it is employment opportunities …


457 Visa Changes in 2018

April 5, 2018

2018 changes to the 457 visa: what existing and new applicants need to know. Australia has traditionally been an attractive destination for migrants with dreams of perfect weather, surf clubs and ‘arvos spent beachside. Changes this month to the popular Australian 457 visa matter to anyone hoping to live out their Australian fantasies of having …


New CurrencyFair feature: Beneficiary Emails

March 29, 2018

New CurrencyFair feature: Beneficiary Emails ✅ Now you can tick this off your To Do list. CurrencyFair understand our customers lead busy lives and generally have a lot to keep track of. We are excited to show you a clever new feature for all CurrencyFair account holders when you are transferring money out to a …


The Exchange

March 23, 2018 Exchange / How it Works

What is the Exchange? The Exchange is CurrencyFair. It is where every CurrencyFair transfer takes place, where your money is exchanged. Unlike most money transfer companies, CurrencyFair offer you a choice when it comes to trading currencies: 1) you can exchange right now at the best available rate, or 2) request a higher rate and …


Easter 2018 Opening Hours

March 23, 2018

Easter 2018 Opening Hours Due to worldwide bank holidays on Friday March 30th and Monday April 2nd , the exchange markets will close at: 5.30pm GMT+1 on Good Friday 30th March 2018 and will reopen at: 10.00pm GMT+1 on Monday 2nd April 2018. Please note also that in general banks will not process payments in …


Currency News March 2018

March 22, 2018

Currency News March 2018 It wasn’t just the Beast from the East creating frosty conditions across the globe this March. Many of the major currencies have been left out in the cold this month, as we’ve seen with the Euro, whose recent strong performance against Sterling came to an end after this week’s latest round …


AUD News March 2018

March 14, 2018

“No worry” is a common phrase you hear in Australia in response to almost anything.  It can replace, “You’re welcome“ or just as it says on the vegemite tin, it can be a simple request to just not worry about it. Even wikipedia agrees, declaring it the national motto of Australia. So far in March …


Currency News February 2018

March 1, 2018

Currency News February 2018 Looking at the movements of the currency markets in February, we have seen some currencies hold strong in the face of turbulent times and others heading into March trying to recoup losses made during the month. Let’s examine how the major currencies have fared these past few weeks. UK Sterling Brexit …


Six Nations Preview with Bernard Jackman

February 21, 2018

This week our brand ambassador, Bernard Jackman, once again popped into CurrencyFair HQ to talk rugby. As a well respected player, coach and pundit, the former Irish international, now coaching in Wales, offered his unique perspective on this weekend’s Six Nations clash between Ireland and Wales. After correctly predicting wins for both Ireland and Wales …

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