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CurrencyFair Vs UK Banks

July 21, 2017

CurrencyFair Versus UK Banks “Where’s the rest of my money?” Nobody likes getting short-changed, especially when the sums involved are significant. Before making your international money transfer it can pay to do some research into the exchange rates on offer and the fees involved. At CurrencyFair, we’re well known for offering great rates that save …


Introducing Faster Payments: One Hour GBP Transfers

July 11, 2017

Transfer GBP In Less Than One Hour We are delighted to introduce Faster Payments on all GBP transfers. CurrencyFair users who deposit GBP will already be familiar with our lightning fast transfer times. When depositing GBP, the funds generally reach your CurrencyFair account within one hour. With the introduction of Faster Payments for outgoing transfers, …

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