Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

  • Which is better, Paypal or CurrencyFair?
  • How do currency brokers like Oz Forex compare to CurrencyFair?
  • Are banks much more expensive than CurrencyFair?
  • CurrencyFair vs Transferwise?
  • Transferwise v Paypal
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9 Hot Canadian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Canada has been a quiet but powerful force for tech startups since the beginning of the dot-com boom.

Kik is not the only Canadian tech startup to create something new and useful – there are hundreds of exciting Canadian companies that are on the march.

Hot Canadian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business


Below are some hot Canadian tech companies to watch . . .

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Transitions Abroad: 17 Resources For Buying Property In Australia

Transitions To Australia

Even with property prices rising in Australia, Michael Yardney of Property Update is of the opinion that becoming a renting investor makes sense. “I know many successful property investors with significant portfolios of properties around Australia who still rent their homes and enjoy the financial flexibility this affords them,” he says.

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CurrencyFair – Proud Sponsor Of University Rugby In Newcastle, Australia

As CurrencyFair grows and helps even more people across the globe save money on their overseas bank transfers, we still aim to help the local communities wherever we can get involved.
Our Australian office is in Newcastle, around 150km north of Sydney, and as self-confessed rugby fanatics it made sense to get involved in the scene there. Hence our sponsorship of the University of Newcastle RUFC.

We think our logo looks great on their shirt – below is No.8 Ian Parkinson posing in the stripes for the, and beneath that a more traditional action shot.

Best of luck for the rest of the season!

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Which Country Is Best For Expats? [Infographic]

Our friends at have created an infographic titled “Which Country Is Best For Expats?“, so naturally we’d like to share it with you.

The data looks at property prices, the general cost of living, average salaries, annual rainfall and the happiness index, so it’s a great place to start for anyone thinking of emigrating.

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Tell A Friend About CurrencyFair And Get €15 Plus A Free Transfer Each

CurrencyFair is constantly improving and we have something new for you.

For the next three months we are giving you and every friend you refer to CurrencyFair €15 and a free transfer each.

Refer a Friend

(If you’re not a customer yet, read this and then come and start saving time and money).

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How To Set Up A Recurring Transaction With CurrencyFair [Short Video]

If you have a regular payment to make and the amount is the same every time, you’ll love CurrencyFair’s recurring transaction option.

You’ll be able to avoid the hassles of online banking every month whilst getting the same excellent CurrencyFair exchange rates as usual.

Let’s hear from our customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

How To Set Up A Recurring Transaction

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Now You Can Deposit Into Your CurrencyFair Account Using Australian BPAY

Nobody likes paying bills, but in Australia this necessary evil led to the creation of a time-saving system known as BPAY.

You can now deposit into your CurrencyFair account using BPAY.


What Is BPAY?

BPAY offers fast, secure and convenient bill payments through over 150 Australian financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, covering over 95 per cent of the consumer banking market. That means most Australians can now enjoy the convenience of paying their bills with BPAY.

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Planning To Study in Australia? These 19 Migration Agents Can Help You With Your Visa

The student experience in Australia is truly multicultural.

There are as many as 400,000 international students from all parts of the world studying in Australia at any one time, according to, which helps students with their visa application process.

lead-sydney(image – pattyjansen)

In fact, GoStudy writes that Australia has one of the highest proportions of international students of any country with universities, with one international student for every four Australian students. Some 40% of these students are from China and India, with the rest coming from all parts of the globe.

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Hungarian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Hungary has begun to shine as a center for development and innovation. With many highly educated citizens and a large expatriate community from around Europe, there are a large number of start-ups in the country. Here is a list of just a few of the business support start-ups we found in there.


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19 Hot Irish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Ireland has moved quickly to the foreground of industry and innovation.

Many of the global tech players have their European headquarters in Ireland: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others.

hOT Irish Technology cOMPANIES

Here are some of the new wave of tech companies that can help your business . . .

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