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Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

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Why You Should Turn Your Spanish Vacation Home Into a Rental Property

Whether you’re moving part time to a different part of the world or just need someone to keep an eye on your vacation home, there are plenty of options for homeowners looking for rental property management in Spain.

This is a great time to consider renting your property out in Spain, especially for British expats and business managers who spend most of the year traveling.

We hope this guide will show you what to look for in rental property management, whom to hire and how you can leave your home securely for long periods of time.


Now is the Time to Rent Out Your Seasonal Spanish Property

If you’re planning to be away from your home for long stretches of time, there are two options: You can let it sit empty — with a neighbor or keyholder to stop by to collect your mail — or you can rent it out to holidaymakers during the high season.

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How Expats Can Evaluate Their Child’s School Choices and Costs


Deciding to move as the adult of the family is the easy part. The hard part comes when you plan to move the kids:

  • How can you make sure they get the quality education they need in your new home country?
  • What happens if they fall behind in class because they struggle with the language?
  • Will this affect their university options?

The rest of the expat community is way ahead of you, and most countries have a variety of schooling options for kids of all ages. It’s really a matter of choosing your personal preference, and what’s best for your child.

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Brexit Watch



The countdown to Brexit is here.

Britain will decide on June 23rd, and we’ll keep you up to date with the daily news, predictions and trends, speculation and scare-tactics.

May 27th – Cameron “not a closet anything” as we enter Purdah

Purdah? It’s the period before an election where officials and politicians are barred from saying anything controversial or likely to influence people’s opinions.

It doesn’t seem to be working.

Responding to yesterday’s claims that he personally supports a Brexit, David Cameron responded at the G7 conference in Japan.

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14 Things Job-Seekers (and Employers) in the EU Need to Know About Finding Work in 2016


When looking for a job abroad, you have to take a lot into consideration, including availability of jobs in your preferred field, salary differences and more. If you’re planning to move to any country within the EU, read up on these 14 recruiting trends first.

More People Want Jobs in the UK, But They’re Not Always Qualified

Petra Sykorova at CRM company Bullhorn found in its 2015 UK Recruitment Trends Report that more and more people are looking for jobs in Great Britain. However, when Bullhorn polled recruiters, 80 percent reported that many applicants lack the skills to work in the recruiters’ sectors of interest, particularly in industrial or business jobs.

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Why Do British Expats Move To Australia?

Update – The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have released the new Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for 2016-17.

If you’re a skilled worker looking to make the move down under, the Government have updated the list of occupations eligible for immigration into Australia. You can check out the full list on the Federal Register of Legislation.

For Brits, Australia is the most popular destination when looking to moving abroad. Perhaps it’s the climate, the common language or the promise of barbeques at Christmas. It could also be due to location – after all, it is the farthest possible distance from the in-laws.

Whatever the motivation, few are disappointed with the decision, and we have some statistics (real ones, we didn’t make them up) which will help explain why the Land Down Under, Where Women Glow and Men Plunder, has such appeal for British folk looking for a change. We’ve gleaned some stats from HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2013 Survey and picked out some interesting facts and insights as to why Australia is such a popular expat destination.

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Inspiration for Expat Entrepreneurs: 17 EU Startups with International Founders


The European Union and the border-free Schengen Zone seem to have unleashed the continent’s entrepreneurial talent.

It’s common today to find startups with founding teams from all over Europe, and startup hubs such as Berlin and London are attracting top talent from around the world. From Madrid to Tallinn, expats and international businesspeople are partnering up to create some truly innovative startups. In fact, European Startup Monitor reports that 12% of all EU startups have expat founders, and a third of all EU startups have international teams.

This post is a celebration of Europe’s international startup founders. Each of the 17 startups below has at least one expat or international person on its founding team, and each is doing exciting work right now.

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Real Customer Stories: Staunton & Henry

Staunton and Henry

As a fast-growing company, we love hearing about other success stories in business.

We love these stories even more when they involve our wonderful customers.

Over to James . . .

Staunton & Henry – Online Homeware Retailer

We asked one of our business customers, James Hepple, about his company, Staunton & Henry, a worldwide business based in Hong Kong.

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Expat Tech Professionals in London: Here’s 20 IT Recruiters to Help Your Career


It’s a seller’s market for tech talent in London these days. “A shortage of top-drawer tech talent is already biting in the capital, as companies fight to find, hire and retain the best staff,” Rachel Savage writes at Management Today.

For IT professionals who’ve moved to London for work, this is great news. New opportunities to further your career and earn more money abound. Here are 20 IT recruiters who can help you make that leap.

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Taking A Job in Dubai? Check Out These 23 Relocation Consultants in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates has a population of 9.3 million people, with expats comprising nearly half the population, according to the Expat Info Desk. If you’re thinking of making the move to the UAE, it might be worth looking into a relocation consultancy. These companies are available to answer questions, store items and open up opportunities in a new area. Here are 23 of the best.

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Euro 2016 Kick Off Times for Expats


When living abroad, your new timezone can be a harsh mistress. For sports fans in particular, this usually means late nights/early mornings and of course, expertly-timed sick days.

Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10th, and for football fans living in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, we feel your pain – and so we’ve listed all group games with their kick-off time where you are. We’ll use Sydney, Perth, New Zealand and US East Coast time (EDT), which also includes the east coast of Canada.

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