Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

  • Which is better, Paypal or CurrencyFair?
  • How do currency brokers like Oz Forex compare to CurrencyFair?
  • Are banks much more expensive than CurrencyFair?
  • CurrencyFair vs Transferwise?
  • Transferwise v Paypal
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19 Hot Irish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Ireland has moved quickly to the foreground of industry and innovation.

Many of the global tech players have their European headquarters in Ireland: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others.

hOT Irish Technology cOMPANIES

Here are some of the new wave of tech companies that can help your business . . .

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How Do Businesses Use CurrencyFair To Save Money? [Short Video]

Thousands of businesses around the world use CurrencyFair to save time and save money.

Here’s our customer service guru, Tim Porter, explaining how businesses like yours use CurrencyFair.

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How Companies Use CurrencyFair


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Businesses use CurrencyFair to save money every day.

For example, we have lots of clients who are based in the UK or the EU, but their suppliers are in China or somewhere else in Asia. Our clients will deposit sterling or euros into their CurrencyFair account. They’ll buy US dollars and they’ll pay their suppliers directly from CurrencyFair.

Also, we have clients who are based in the UK, but their customers are actually in Europe so their customers will pay their CurrencyFair account directly and our clients will then exchange back to their base currency being sterling and transfer the money back out to their accounts.

Ready to start using CurrencyFair for your international money transfers and payments?

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How Does CurrencyFair Work? [Short Video]

Whenever people read the Money Transfer Companies Compared article they are usually amazed at how banks and other such companies hide their fees and charges in the exchange rate when sending money abroad.

At CurrencyFair, we always want to be honest and transparent when it comes to how we operate. You can see our pricing page here.

The reason why CurrencyFair is so much cheaper than banks and other money transfer companies is because of our innovative peer-to-peer exchange system.

Our customer service guru, Tim Porter, explains . . .

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Is My Money Safe With CurrencyFair? [Short Video]

After reading the article Money Transfer Companies Compared, most people realise that banks tend to roll their fees and charges up into their exchange rate so they can claim “zero commission” on your transfer.

Once people understand the hidden fees charged by banks and other such companies, they realise how much they can save by using CurrencyFair.

The only questions that remain for someone looking to send money abroad tend to be around safety, speed, and service.

Today we’ll examine at the safety aspect.

Let’s hear from our customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

Is CurrencyFair Safe?

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Your money is absolutely safe with CurrencyFair. We are a regulated payment services provider and we’re regulated by EU regulations, the Central Bank of Ireland, as well as ASIC in Australia.

Now that means that we have to keep your money separated from our own so it’s held in a separated, segregated client account.

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Startup – – Manage Your Mail Online

CurrencyFair began life as a solution to a problem, and as the world gets smaller and more connected, similar problems are being solved by lateral thinkers in a whole range of areas.

In April 2015, Susan Donohoe established The idea came after a friend who was living in Qatar said “it would be great if you could offer a service where people got their mail sent to a business address or PO Box”. The same person mentioned the trouble Irish property owning expats have with their postal mail and the fact that many rely on family members or friends to collect and manage their Irish postal mail, which isn’t ideal with regards to privacy. After some research, training and investment, Susan secured the licence to operate the service exclusively in Ireland.


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Why Is CurrencyFair So Much Cheaper Than Banks For International Money Transfers? [Short Video]

In the article Money Transfer Companies Compared, we explain the differences in costs between the various providers of international funds transfer services.

Many people are shocked at the way banks and other companies roll their fees into their exchange rate so that it looks like the transfer is free of charge.

After you consider the savings you can make by using CurrencyFair to avoid those hidden and unfair exchange rates, you might be wondering: how can CurrencyFair be so much cheaper than all those other companies?

For the answer, let’s listen to our customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

Why is CurrencyFair So Much Cheaper?


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9 Hot Australian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

The Australian tech scene is really blossoming.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs creating new businesses every year, many of them to meet the needs of other businesses.

Here is a list of some hot Australian web-based companies.

Australian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

For more, check out StartupAUS – StartupAUS is a non-profit organization that gives support to technology start-ups. They offer co-working spaces, a crossroads report, events, and more all designed to help technology start-ups find the resources they need to get off the ground. The group has designed a smooth website and offers personalized assistance to tech start-ups around the country.

You can also follow StartupSmart for the latest Australian tech scene news.

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The Food Lovers’ Guide To The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic and its largest city, Prague, have been at the heart of European history for over thousand years. By moving there you will be living at the crossroads of empires and cultures.

The food in the Czech Republic reflects that diversity and history.

Czech Food Guide


From delicious and filling Germanic-style foods to delicate sweets fashioned in a French style, food in the Czech Republic has something for everyone.

Here are the best food and beverage blogs from the Czech Republic: 

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Is It Possible To Transfer Money To 3rd Parties In Other Countries Using CurrencyFair?

With thousands of customers around the world, we are often asked by our customers if they can use CurrencyFair to send money to a third party.

It’s a sensible question, particularly as this article revealed just how much money you are losing when using banks and other money transfer companies for international currency exchange.

Let’s hear from customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

Transferring Money To 3rd Parties Using CurrencyFair

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You can definitely send funds to a third party in another country – it’s easy.

For example, if you want to send some money to your grandkids in another country, you can use CurrencyFair.

If you’re going on holiday and need to pay the hotel before you go, use CurrencyFair.

If you run a business and need to pay foreign suppliers, use CurrencyFair.

It could come in handy when you need to transfer money for;

  • Foreign Property purchases
  • Buying goods/services online
  • Mortgage/Loan repayments at home

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9 French Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

It is well known that France is one of the most important countries in the world for diplomacy and trade.

What is perhaps not as well known is that French startups have gone global many times and excellent new companies pop up all the time.

Here are a few French tech companies worth following.

French Tech Companies To Watch

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