Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

  • Which is better, Paypal or CurrencyFair?
  • How do currency brokers like Oz Forex compare to CurrencyFair?
  • Are banks much more expensive than CurrencyFair?
  • CurrencyFair vs Transferwise?
  • Transferwise v Paypal

Remember to also check out the actual numbers in our Currency Exchange Calculator.

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The Food Lover’s Guide To Great Britain

Great Britain might be a single island, but each country (Scotland, Wales & England), even each region, has its own cuisine and, of course, talented food writers.

Food Lovers Guide To Great Britain

With national dishes like haggis, rarebit or Yorkshire pudding anyone just arriving on this legendary island will have a lot of new food to try.

To help you get through this diverse food maze, here are some great online culinary guides to help you make sure that you get to the good stuff. 

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Visiting the UK from Overseas: Expert Guide To Getting Your Tax Back

Are you one of the thousands people from all around the world who move to work in the UK?

Do you know that if you decide to leave Britain you may be entitled to reclaim some of the UK tax you have paid?

Get Your UK Tax Back

Whether you are visiting from as far away as Australia or you simply hopped onto a ferry from Ireland, if you have been a UK taxpayer then all of HMRC regulations apply to you. This doesn’t just concerning paying your taxes, but also reclaiming an array of legitimate tax reliefs.

As this can be a complex area for people moving in and out of the UK, we asked the experts at Tax Rebate Services for some helpful advice . . . 

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The Food Lover’s Guide To Canada

A move to Canada means that you will be surrounded by many different cultures, from the fishing villages of Nova Scotia to the heavy French influence of Quebec to the laid-back Pacific Coast lifestyles of Vancouver, BC.

These great cultures come with their diverse and long-standing food traditions. Here are some of the best food blogs from around Canada that will get you start on your new food journey in your new home.

Lobster Poutine 740

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CurrencyFair Just Got Even Better: Automatic Quick Trades

Great news for anyone who wants to save time and save money!

Now you can set up your whole CurrencyFair international money transfers in one quick easy step.

New Automatic Quick Trades

You probably already know that CurrencyFair can save you up to 90% of the cost of an international money transfer.

You probably already know that a large number of our customers regularly beat the interbank rate (i.e. they get a better exchange rate than even the big banks wangle for themselves).

If you’ve been here before, you probably also know that transferring with CurrencyFair is quick and easy and can be done without climbing off your couch.

Well, it just got even easier! 

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The Food Lover’s Guide To Denmark

Denmark is a land of traditions that tie the cuisine to the land and sea.

Food Lovers Guide To Denmark


The food bloggers of this gorgeous country live both in and out of that tradition.

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A New, Easy & Low Cost Way To Send Money Abroad [Infographic]

In the old days, we used to queue up at the bank for 45 minutes during our busy lunch break to talk to the bank teller who had no idea how to send your money to another country.

Now, there’s a fast, easier, and much cheaper way to do an international money transfer . . .

Bank Tellers


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The Food Lover’s Guide To Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland means that you are moving to the heart of Europe.

The nation’s culture and food are strongly affected by the countries that border it, Germany, France, and Italy, as well as the millions of immigrants that have crossed its borders over the centuries.

Food Lover's Guide To Switzerland

These are some of the most interesting food blogs being produced in Switzerland that celebrate this amazing and complex culture.

Exploring Swiss dining is a tour of the great cuisines of Europe. 

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Top 10 Lies That Digital Nomads Tell Their Design Clients

In our recent article The Rise of the Digital Nomad [How To Have An International Lifestyle] we looked at the amazing range of opportunities that now exist for people who want to be able to work from their laptop anywhere in the world.

Since then, we’ve discovered a funny article on the online design marketplace, Creative Market, which revealed a long list of lies designers tell their clients.

Today we’re going to share the top ten fibs that these naughty digital nomad designers use from their laptops somewhere out there in the world. Similar to our article on the ASA’s 30,000+ advertising complaints in 2013, we’re not referring to ourselves with any of these!

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The Food Lover’s Guide To Australia

Australians and their food are diverse and exciting.

What’s the best way to become an Australian food insider? By checking out some great Australian food bloggers and making them your guides to what to eat at home or out.

Here are some of the most interesting food blogs in the country’s largest cities and surrounding areas.

Food Lover's Guide To Australia

Enjoy exploring Australia through their eyes and tastebuds.

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How To Send Money To And From Denmark [Free Download]

If you are wondering which is the best way to send money to and from Denmark, this free guide is exactly what you need. Sending Money Abroad - Denmark - Free Guide

The free guide explains the key elements to any international money transfer:

Sending fees charged by banks and money transfer companies.

The different exchange rates used by banks and money transfer companies (this is often a hidden cost).

How long it will take for your money for your money to arrive in Denmark or in the other country.

The security and safety aspects of your money transfer.

What levels of customer service and support you can expect from the various banks and money transfer companies.

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