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Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

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Working Abroad? These 24 Companies Make it Easy with Flex, Remote, and Travel Time


A nine-to-five workday may be the norm, but more and more, companies are bucking that tradition in exchange for flexible schedules. And if flex time isn’t possible, great benefits like remote work options, generous paid vacation and holiday time and opportunities for travel are part of the employment package.

Not only do these perks boost employees’ collective spirits, but Sarah Landrum at Women 2.0 says it benefits companies, too.

“Inflexible hours, especially combined with low wages, place demands on employees that leave them starved for time,” she says. This can lead to health issues, absenteeism and moral problems, none of which are good for long-term company success.

These 24 businesses with offices in the EU and other countries embrace work flexibility in all its forms. Their work/life business models have netted them awards for employee satisfaction.

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What Company Leaders Should Know About Opening an EU Office


Your company is thriving, and it’s time to open another office. The question is where?

While you don’t have to deal with immigration issues as you would when starting a business in another country, there are still challenges you’ll have to handle to ensure long-term success.

Before finding a location, relocating your manager and hiring local staff, you’ll need to do some research. Employment law, tax laws, foreign business regulations and so on vary depending on the country you’re thinking of doing business in.

Extensive pre-planning, with the help of tax planners and legal experts experienced in setting up businesses in the EU, will go a long way making the scale-up smooth.

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4 Tips Overseas Investors Should Know Before Buying Real Estate in Europe


What makes one European city better than another for property investment?

While yield is the immediate answer that comes to mind, there are other important factors at play. Ease of foreign ownership and the amount of bureaucratic red tape involved are certainly considerations.

Who the investor is and his reason for investing can make the same city a great investment prospect or completely unacceptable. For example, a university town with a steady stream of students looking for rental properties may be of no interest to development companies or high-wealth individuals, but would be perfect for a grad student-turned-landlord in a first-home purchase.

We’ve distilled expert opinions, forecasts and trends in order to take a look at what makes a city in Europe a solid investment prospect for the type of investor you are.

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Catch a Falling Knife: How to Make Post-Brexit Exchange Rates Work For You


While the pound has recovered a few percentage points after its spectacular post-Brexit drop, it’s still feeling the effects of the Leave vote.

Then in August, the currency reacted sharply to the Bank of England’s interest rate cuts, down to 0.25%, with another steep decline. That interest rate drop was the first in seven years, according to MarketWatch, and the lowest in the bank’s long history.

As if that weren’t enough, “Gov. Mark Carney and fellow policy makers also revived a dormant U.K. government bond-buying program,” Marketwatch continues, “announcing that expanded bond purchases will begin in September.” While reducing government debt is good for any country, the move also means that there will be less cash. Social, healthcare and education programs might be impacted and consumers can expect, at least in the short-term, to have less money to spend.

And while interest rates could still fall to zero, going into negative rates is still not being considered, at least on a widespread basis. Yet.

What it all seems to mean is that the sterling will likely be depressed against other major currencies for some time to come — which translates to opportunities to save and make money.

We’ve gathered expert advice on how to take advantage of the low British pound and opinions on post-Brexit opportunities for investors.

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The Benefits of Choosing Money Transfer Services Over Your Bank


Despite the ease of money transfers, many people continue to exchange their paychecks, pensions, and money from home through their banks or financial brokers. Instead of using a money transfer online, they meet with a banking representative and agree to exorbitant commissions and fees. Most of the time they do this because it’s familiar: They’ve always trusted their bank and have used them for years — why should they change?

In actuality, the banks aren’t specialists in currency exchange, and are often charging customers more than they can afford. Keep reading to learn why you should skip the bank and use online money transfers when traveling abroad.

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CurrencyFair proudly sponsors the SodShow


The SodShow is a multi award-winning Garden Podcast series hosted by Peter Donegan.

Starting with this Friday’s episode interview of Rob Hardy from Hardy’s Plants, CurrencyFair is thrilled to announce that we’re now sponsoring the SodShow!

The Sodshow is more than just a horticultural show – it is, as Peter himself puts it, a ‘sort of get you outside first/ botanical latin later’ show and ‘something that would make you smile’ as ‘gardening and the great outdoors should do’.

You can find out more about Peter and the SodShow on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course by enjoying the show itself on, or via all good podcast directories such as iTunes and Stitcher.

2016 Refer A Friend Competition Winners

We recently ran a “Refer a Friend” competition, with a prize of €5,000 to share between two lucky customers.

We can now announce the winners:

Congratulations to Laura and Alicia!



Simply the best

I was always really unsure of making online transfers, especially when it involves my monthly salary. However, my friend Alicia highly recommended CurrencyFair for many reasons, among them, security, efficiency, customer service, high quality, and overall very cheap compared to other companies! My experience has been excellent since day one.

A company that rewards you when you make it grow is a principle which other companies should learn from. Finally, I really appreciate winning this prize; it has really made my year!! Thank you so much for this gift! I will definitely help you to grow and recommend CurrencyFair to everyone.

Again, a million times, thank you.


Having spent the last 10 years working in Gibraltar, earning Pounds, and living in Spain, so spending Euros, my only criticism of CurrencyFair is that I didn’t start using their services earlier!

I used to transfer my wages between my Gibraltarian and Spanish bank accounts and whatever provider I chose, they gave mea really bad exchange rate. Not only is Currencyfair very simple to use, they are efficient and through their competitive rates have added a nice bit of extra cash to my monthly wage.

To summarise, if you want a payrise without having to have that awkward conversation with your boss then start using CurrencyFair!

Thank you so much Currency Fair for making my life easier – I will tell all my friends about Currency Fair!!!

How European Countries Are Looking to Grow After the “Lost Decade”


In 2008, the United States, Europe and other parts of the world experienced a sometimes catastrophic hit to their respective economies.

Unlike the US, which seems to have mostly put its worst recession days behind it, Europe hasn’t yet quite recovered so robustly. This period of struggle is known as “the Lost Decade,” and it’s comprised of a sum of parts that may prove difficult to overcome.

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International Currency Exchange Rates: When You Live and Work in Different Countries


If you’re an expat or are on a short-term contract abroad, you may find yourself in the interesting situation where you live in one country and work in another.

Whether you’re an employee or company owner, keeping track of currency exchange rates — with an eye on estimated future values — can help both with current cash flow and when making long-term business decisions.

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Negotiate a Killer Relocation Package and What Expenses to Watch For


Most expats understand the differences in cost of living expenses when they move to a new country. Housing, education, healthcare and travel expenses can change dramatically along with other aspects of their lives.

However, there are more technical costs that families tend to forget when they’re considering an offer to move abroad.

If you’re entering negotiations with a company, add these factors and costs to your existing needs.

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