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Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

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International Property Development Experts in Switzerland


A land rich in chocolate, languages and Alpine magnificence, it’s no wonder that nearly a full quarter of Switzerland’s population has come from elsewhere.

Now that the days of the country’s renowned banking secrecy have been replaced with transparency and bilateral tax-collection agreements with other countries, it may well be that the “world’s largest offshore wealth center” could lose some of those trillions.

On the other hand, Switzerland’s move to eradicate tax evasion and money laundering might encourage an increase in foreign investment and development projects. To do our bit, we’ve made up a list of lawyers and tax specialists, real estate agents, bankers, insurance agents and wealth management consultants, all experts in their fields and ready to help investors from abroad.

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2016 Six Nations Kick Off Times – Australia, NZ & US/Canada

It’s February, which means time for the Six Nations. Just like last year, here are all the fixtures and kick-off times for those in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.


To avoid a total information overload, we’re using Dublin/London time (GMT +1) to start, Sydney time (+11 hours) and Perth (+8) for Australia, and for the US and Canada, East Coast time (-5 hours). There’s also a shift to Daylight Savings Time for US/Canada thrown in near the end (March 13th) to keep us busy.

But first, a short preview of this year’s competition.

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Which? Finds CurrencyFair to be the cheapest way to send £10,000 to Europe

The UK Consumers Association Which? exists, according to Wikipedia, ‘to promote informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services, by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offers independent advice.’ research published recently features a table ranking 16 providers in order of competitiveness and places CurrencyFair at the top. The table includes 8 high street banks, two further traditional providers and 6 challengers. While we’re confident that our rates won’t be beaten by any bank or competitors, it’s always nice to have it confirmed by a respected and established authority on the topic.

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15 Experts on the Opportunities and Challenges of Starting a Business in Belgium


Extolled by foodies who rave about the country’s chocolate, beer and frites, and appreciated by travellers for its excellent transportation system, Belgium is also a favorite of expatriate entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

In fact, the team at Startup Overseas calls Belgium “one of the most amiable business environments in the EU.” They specifically cite its open and liberal economy, one in which domestic and foreign businesses are treated equally under the law as to rights and obligations.

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20 International Recruiters Oil and Gas Workers Should Know


The oil industry had a tough year in 2015, and many employers have been cutting jobs while oil’s price per barrel remains so low.

Some investors, however, expect oil to rebound in 2016. And when the oil and gas industries resume growth around the world, so will the demand for quality employees.

Professionals in the field should be ready for shakeups and opportunities. Here are 20 recruiters who specialise in finding the best and brightest candidates in these industries.

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26 Expat Community Groups in the UAE You Should Know


The United Arab Emirates is home to several large communities of expatriates. With Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in particular, serving as global business capitals, people from around the world come to the Emirates for work — and many stay and raise families.

When moving to the UAE, it can take some expats a while to get used to the culture, the weather and the language. One of the best ways to get acclimated is to find others with whom you share interests, a background or a native language.

For anyone moving to or already in the UAE, kickstart your social life with any of these 26 expat community groups.

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Global Home: 38 Expatriate Groups on LinkedIn


When you work and live abroad, finding a like-minded group of foreigners can be a lifesaver.

With experienced expatriates to turn to, you can network more easily with other professionals in your industry or ask for recommendations when looking for local real estate agents, schools, family doctors or neighborhoods.

Connecting with other expats can also jump start your social life in a foreign city. Having a group to hang out isn’t just a boredom or loneliness buster, but also serves as a great introduction to the best socialising spots in your area.

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Currency Exchange Advice From Conor McGregor?


Fansmcgregor-savings of UFC are probably also fans of Conor McGregor, the outspoken star of the scene. With success comes money, and Conor is certainly on the happy-bus in that regard. He earned $500,000 for his July win over Chad Mendes, and $590,000 for his last impressive 13 second win over Jose Aldo – but this is nothing compared to the Pay Per View earnings.

In fact, Forbes recently worked out that including McGregor’s fees from Pay Per View receipts for his 13 second fight with Aldo, he earned $8 million in total (That’s $622,000 per second!!). Using CurrencyFair instead of his bank to send these dollars back to Ireland could have saved him €188,000 in transfer fees!

In other words, we could have saved Conor McGregor €14,541 for every second of his fight with Jose Aldo.

“The Notorious”, as he likes to be known, is currently lighting up the world of MMA with his antics in press conferences and interviews, and with style and controversy being a highly-coveted aspect of the sport (viewers gotta view, after all), his recent appearance left us thinking – how does he transfer all those dollars back to Ireland?

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International Employees: 14 Experts Explore The Challenges of Overseas Work Assignments


Global mobility is on the rise. Although the type of international assignments may be moving in a different direction from that of the past, the numbers are steadily increasing.

And that means people moving abroad for work — as well as those who work from home on a global team — need to prepare for and be aware of the very real cultural differences they will encounter in business.

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Flights Competition – We Have A Winner!

Share to win a flight home

Throughout December, we ran a “Share And Win Flights” competition, whereby sharing a link with your friends (who went on to use CurrencyFair) entered you into our draw to win, well, free flights of course. The competition ended on January 11th, and we can now proudly announce our winner:

Congratulations, Kelly O’Brien!

“I absolutely love CurrencyFair! I’ve been living in Australia for nearly three years now and I’ve always used CurrencyFair to transfer money to and from my Irish bank account – It’s cheap, easy, fast and reliable! I’ve recommended it to family & friends wanting to transfer money from abroad and will continue to do so.

I won this competition by referring CurrencyFair to a friend and I couldn’t be happier!”

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