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CurrencyFair – Brand Launch Announcement

October 21, 2016

We’re thrilled today to unveil our new brand and website. Over the last number of months at CurrencyFair we’ve pulled ideas together from all over the company to try and put into words exactly what we think and feel about our company and our customers. We ran focus groups with our customers, had lunchtime chats, …


Brexit Lessons: What EU Countries Can Do to Protect Their Wealth in the Wake of This Economic Change

October 5, 2016 Banking / Brexit / Economics / Financial Planning / Investing

Until June 2016, the European Union (EU) consisted of 28 countries known as member states, among them Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the UK. Amidst economic and political unrest, the UK voted that month to separate from the EU. The actual process to leave takes two years, and will not begin until 2017, leaving …


Working Abroad? These 24 Companies Make it Easy with Flex, Remote, and Travel Time

September 29, 2016 business / career planning / management/HR

A nine-to-five workday may be the norm, but more and more, companies are bucking that tradition in exchange for flexible schedules. And if flex time isn’t possible, great benefits like remote work options, generous paid vacation and holiday time and opportunities for travel are part of the employment package. Not only do these perks boost …

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