Two Lucky CurrencyFair Customers Will Be Sharing €5000 – Will It Be You?

CurrencyFair recently turned five and to celebrate our birthday, we’re giving two lucky CurrencyFair customers the chance to share €5000 between them. CurrencyFair-5th-Birthday

In the 5 years it has been in operation, CurrencyFair has helped people transfer nearly €2 billion and has saved them well over €100 million.

We thought we’d have little fun and reward two customers in the process.

How To Enter

The rules are simple: during the month of May 2015, use your CurrencyFair refer a friend code/link to tell people about the savings they can achieve with CurrencyFair. Every person who joins and completes an exchange with CurrencyFair during May 2015 will go into the draw. If one of them is randomly selected as the winner, we will then look back to see who introduced them to us – you! You and your lucky friend both win €2500 just for saving money on your international money transfers.

Each person you refer and completes an exchange in May 2015 gets entered into the draw. The more times you refer, the more times you can be entered into the draw so make sure to refer as many people as possible to maximise your chances of winning.

It’s that easy.

Why Two Winners?

There’ll be two winners because we are a peer to peer business. This means the more people within the system sending money in opposite directions, the greater the chance you’ll have to beat the interbank rate with our amazing MarketPlace. You’ll also get matched faster too. If you prefer the QuickTrade option, more people in the system will mean even better exchange rates when you choose to exchange immediately . . . and yes, you can still beat the interbank rate with QuickTrade!

In short, the more people using CurrencyFair, the more money you’ll save.

The Fine Print

To keep things clear, here is the fine print for this competition: CF-Generic-small

There will be two winners: One Referrer and the person they referred (the Referral).

A new customer qualifies as a Referral if they sign up with CurrencyFair using a referral code and go on to trade over €400 (or equivalent) within the month of May 2015. (This applies to the whole month of May. If you have already referred someone in May they will count in the draw).

CurrencyFair will randomly select a Referral and the person who has referred them to win the prize. In order to claim the prize, the participant must give their consent for their name to be used in promotional materials by CurrencyFair. Should consent not be given, a new winner will be selected at random.

Employees and affiliates of CurrencyFair are not eligible for this competition (sorry guys).

The competition is subject to our business terms & conditions.

Good Luck!

That’s all there is to it. All you need to do now is to start sharing your refer a friend code (available inside your CurrencyFair account) and let people know about the amazing savings they can achieve by avoiding unfair bank fees and charges.

Best of luck to all our wonderful customers!

Thank you for your continued support.

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Five Years On – The Growth Of CurrencyFair [Infographic]

If you don’t know already, it’s our 5th birthday this month – and to mark the occasion, here’s an infographic detailing the rise of CurrencyFair since its beginnings in 2010.

Click here or on the image below for the full piece.


Celebrating 5 Years of CurrencyFair

We created CurrencyFair because we were sick of paying too much when using the banks to send our money abroad.
We thought that other expats and people running businesses would jump at the chance to try a better way of doing things.
And we were right; we’ve now transferred over €2 billion, saving people well over €100 million in fees in the process. It’s been a great 5 years, but we’re only getting started!

Brett Meyers
CEO & Founder

Total Amounts

We’ve transferred over €2 billion so far, and saved customers over €100 million in fees.

How CurrencyFair works

A traditional international bank transfer involves three banks – the sender, receiver and an intermediary bank, all of which take a fee.

With CurrencyFair, we avoid these fees by using domestic bank transfers at either end of your transaction. Our MarketPlace matches your needs with someone looking to exchange in the other direction – we use local account to transfer the money, and hey-presto: you’ve sent your money abroad for a fraction of the cost!

Currency Over Time

The number of currencies that we offer inside our MarketPlace has increased substantially over the past five years.

We now handle 17 different (sending) currencies, and counting…..Polish Zloty, Euro, GB Pounds, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand, New Zealand Dollar, UAE Dirham, Swedish Krona, Hungarian Forint, Danish Krone, Czech Koruna, Norwegian Krone.

Beating The Interbank

On average between 9-12% of people beat the interbank rate using CurrencyFair – no other service can offer this!

Customer Satisfaction

In September 2014 we asked our customers “How would you rate your dealing with CurrencyFair’s Customer Service Team?”

88% scored us 8/10 or better!

The CurrencyFairers

It started with just four of us in 2010, and then we grew – a lot, to over 62 people five years later.
We’re a well travelled bunch too, with 12 different nationalities at CurrencyFair HQ, and we’re located all over the world – Ireland, the UK, Australia, Poland, Croatia and Romania, which is handy as 64.5% of us are multilingual.

Customer Testimonials


Celebrating CurrencyFair’s 5th Birthday – An Interview With CEO Brett Meyers

At CurrencyFair we’re happily celebrating our fifth birthday! Interview with CurrencyFair CEO Brett Meyers

Over the past five years we’ve helped people send nearly €2 billion to other countries and have saved them well over €100 million in the process.

Have you entered our birthday competition yet?

With such an amazing track record of success and with such a bright future ahead of us, we thought it a good time to take a few moments to reflect on how far we’ve come.

Here’s CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Meyers sharing his thoughts on the rapid growth of CurrencyFair . . .

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From Little Things, Big Things Grow – CurrencyFair’s 5th Anniversary

We’re in an even better mood than usual here at CurrencyFair.

Why? CurrencyFair-5th-Birthday

We’re celebrating our 5th birthday!

It’s been quite a journey so far and one that has been made so worthwhile by our wonderful customers and supporters.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Things looked a little different back when CurrencyFair first opened business.

The co-founders and first employees had all given up good jobs to risk it all on a bold new venture. The startup team were determined to help all those working expatriates, students living abroad, business owners, retirees abroad, and foreign property owners – all of whom had been unfairly treated by their banks when it came to sending money abroad.

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