Money Transfer Companies Compared

If you are trying to decide which is the best way to move your money abroad (or receive money from another country), this article Money Transfer Companies Compared is exactly what you need.  Money transfer companies compared

Below are all the different options for making international money transfers. We’ll help you with some common questions like:

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Digital Nomads: Tips For Freelancing In A Global Economy


It must have been tough being the first digital nomad.

Steven Roberts and his “technomadic” lifestyle was written up in a Popular Computing magazine article way back in 1984. In those pre-laptop days, he was literally hauling portable computers and solar panels around on an 8-foot-long recumbent bicycle.

Like many of today’s digital nomads — knowledge workers who are free to work from wherever they please — Roberts maintained a full-time freelance writing career as he travelled. Unlike most present-day mobile workers, though, he rode a 14,000-mile loop around the United States as he wrote, old school computer in tow.

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105 Quick Tips For A Successful Relocation

We love providing our readers with useful resources, so when we found AreaVibes “105 Tips For A Successful Relocation”, we knew we had to share. What caught our attention with this list however, was their unique approach:

A good checklist might keep you organized and reduce anxiety, but we noticed that there was a certain “human element” lacking in these endless lists.

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Expat Community Groups In Canada

Home Away From Home: Expat Community Groups In Canada



Moving abroad can be a daunting experience, and it really helps to have someone who has successfully experienced the transition to talk to — both before you leave home and once you land.

And once you move into your new place, it’s nice to connect with people from back home and start making friends, expatriates and Canadians alike. We’ve rounded up the best expat community groups across Canada newcomers should check out.

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2015 Web Summit And Fintech Parties In The New CurrencyFair Office

Despite the recent controversy surrounding Web Summit’s decision to leave Dublin for Lisbon in 2016, which is naturally great news for Portugal’s Tech sector, the 2015 Summit was a roaring success. With no WiFi issues to speak of, the food tokens appear to have been the main issue – specifically what you get for your €20 Web Summit food token.

Regardless, our CEO and co-founder Brett Meyers took to the stage on Thursday for a chat about all things Fintech related. He was joined on stage by Mike Laven of CurrencyCloud, Philippe Gelis of Kantox and the Sunday Independent’s Nick Webb.

I want customers to feel great at the end of a transaction & look forward to the next.


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IACC People’s Choice Business Awards 2015


CurrencyFair has been named as a Finalist in the Irish Australian Business Awards!

We think this is awesome and great recognition for all at CurrencyFair. We now need your help to claim the People’s Choice Award.

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8 Hot Lithuanian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Lithuanian Tech

One of the three Baltic States, located on the south-eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is part of the movement in these three countries for innovation and growth. With just under 3 million people, Lithuania is small in size but it certainly punches above its weight.

The start-ups here focus on lots of big data and business growth. This is definitely worth a stop on the start-up tour.

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Another Award For CurrencyFair At The 2015 eirSpiders

To add to the great news last week about our new office and job growth, CurrencyFair had yet another reason to celebrate at the 2015 eirSpiders!

We were awarded with the prize for Best Online Customer Service or Online Retention Campaign, which we’re very proud of considering our aim to provide the best possible experience, within the product itself and through top-notch client services.


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Short Stay Accommodation In Australia: 21 Resources For Finding An Apartment Down Under

Short Stays in Australia

If you’re looking for a home-like environment that can fit just about any budget, try looking at short stay apartments.

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The Food Lover’s Guide To The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE Food Blogs

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), or simply the Emirates, is an exciting federation of seven emirates, or kingdoms, each ruled by a hereditary monarch. The UAE is not only one of the most vibrant places in the world, it’s also a hotbed of passionate food bloggers. 

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A New Home For CurrencyFair And Even More Job Growth

The good news just keeps on coming.

This morning, RTE reported our upcoming office move and also our plan to hire 50 new employees to our team in 2016. The Irish Mirror also carried the announcement.

[CurrencyFair] currently employs around 80 people in Ranelagh, Dublin but is about to move into new offices in Ballsbridge with capacity for over 200.
At least 50 new employees are to be taken on in the next year, with sources saying it is likely further expansion will follow.

Our new premises in Ballsbridge can accommodate over 200 people, so expansion is clearly a priority. You can view all current openings on our Careers page.

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