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CurrencyFair announces expansion into Asia

August 8, 2018

CurrencyFair €20 million investment plan CurrencyFair are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Hong Kong based payments company, Convoy Payments Ltd, as part of a €20  million investment plan. Once we receive regulatory approval for the acquisition, we will be able to quickly expand our services into Asian markets, starting with the launch of...


Our Refer A Friend (RAF) Program | CurrencyFair

July 31, 2018

Refer a Friend to CurrencyFair and earn a cash reward The CurrencyFair Refer a Friend (RAF) program is designed to bring more people into the CurrencyFair Exchange – the place where we bring buyers and sellers together online. After all, that is the reason CurrencyFair was created: Peer-to-peer exchange – people meeting other people to...


Currency News July 2018

July 26, 2018

Currency News July 2018 Amazing examples showcasing the determination of the human spirit were evident throughout July. The ability to endure and struggle on against the odds. We could see it watching the cave rescue in Thailand or when watching the contestants (looking at you Laura and Dr.Alex) on Love Island. However this determination was...


Another CurrencyFair milestone: €7 billion traded

July 25, 2018

You like us, you really like us. The number seven is considered a significant number and it is easy to see why. There are: seven continents seven days of the week seven colours in the rainbow seven wonders of the ancient world And apparently seven brides for seven brothers. Now thanks to our amazing community,...


Compare Australian Banks vs CurrencyFair

July 17, 2018 AUD / australia

CurrencyFair vs ANZ, CommBank, NAB and Westpac Nobody likes to pay more than they should. Nowadays you don’t have to. You can go online and compare the prices between providers within seconds, meaning you are only paying what you should and are getting the best price available. At CurrencyFair we strive to be clear and...


Currency News June 2018

July 10, 2018 news

Currency News June 2018 Watching the World Cup is a lot like watching the currency markets at play. Sometimes you think there is going to be the obvious winner but then one simple action can cause fortunes to change. Or the underdog that comes out of nowhere, with a last minute surge that takes out...


Introducing: Same-Day AED Transfers

May 29, 2018 AED / UAE

AED Update: Introducing faster, cheaper, same-day AED transfers. During Ramadan, there will be some things that are different if you are living and working in the UAE. Different working hours, opening hours for restaurants, shopping malls, commuting times even parking. There is also something different happening for CurrencyFair customers in the UAE or anyone who...


Currency News May 2018

May 23, 2018 news

Currency News May 2018 This May the rekindling of political relationships, blossoming economic romance between star-crossed countries and the bickering of all too familiar warring political parties have been making this month’s currency news an interesting tale to tell. US Dollar The US Dollar has been the all round star performer this month, as it...

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