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Send money to Ireland with CurrencyFair and benefit from a simple, secure and cost-effective method of transferring currency. We can even give you a rate better than the inter-bank rate, and save you up to 90% on fees – no other currency exchange provider can offer that.

How Do You Send Euros To Ireland?

It’s simple to send money to Ireland with CurrencyFair. Once you’ve registered and sent you funds to our local bank account, you decide whether to make the exchange as soon as it arrives, at the best available rate, or you can request a better rate in our Exchange and wait for the market to move. Or try our new currency converter calculator to quickly convert GBP to EUR.

Then, we simply transfer your funds to your recipient account using another domestic transfer – quicker, cheaper and more transparent.

How Can I Transfer Money To Ireland With CurrencyFair?

Have a look at our process times to see how long your particular transaction will take, and rest assured we can cut your transfer fees by up to 90 per cent when you send money to Ireland.

If you still use your bank to send money abroad, we’ve compared our costs to the main players: banks, brokers and other currency transfer providers. Check out the difference and decide for yourself.

History of Irish Currency

Until 2002, the Irish pound was the official currency of Ireland. However, it was superseded by the euro in 1999, with circulation of the currency coming into effect at the beginning of 2002.

The exchange rate between Ireland and the European Currency Unit (along with 10 other EMC currencies) was fixed on 31st December 1998.

The next day, the virtual euro was introduced, but it wasn’t until 2002 that Irish banknotes and coins were replaced with the euro specie. As such, they ceased to be legal tender on the 9th February 2002. The euro has been the currency of Ireland ever since.

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