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Better Rates

With our bank-beating exchange rates and small fee, transferring money home to the UK is up to 8 times cheaper with CurrencyFair than the banks. Make sure you’re using the cheapest way to transfer AED to a bank account in the UK.

Safe & Secure

Trusted by over 100,000 customers worldwide, CurrencyFair has a 5-star rating with independent review site Trustpilot. You can be confident your money is secure when using CurrencyFair to send AED home to a UK bank account.

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Get started in minutes with our simple signup process. Send money home on the go with our mobile app, and stay up to date at every stage of your transfers with our email updates.

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How to send AED to a bank account in the UK in three simple steps.
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    Create your free account

    Opening your account is quick and easy and can take just minutes.
  2. Set up your transaction

    Tell us the amount and currency you want to exchange into GBP, and send the money to your CurrencyFair account by bank transfer.
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    Transfer your money

    We'll convert your money to Sterling at the best available rate, and transfer it to your recipient.

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Some common questions people ask when sending money to the UK

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Transfer Emirati Dirham to the UK • Send AED to the UK

How to do a money transfer to the UK with CurrencyFair.

If you need to transfer money to a bank account in the UK or send money home, with CurrencyFair the process is easy and hassle-free. There are two options when exchanging money to GBP with CurrencyFair.

You can exchange your Emirati Dirham to Sterling in two ways:

  1. Exchange Now

    Send in your Emirati Dirham to CurrencyFair to be exchanged straight away at the best rate available as soon as it reaches us.

  2. Choose your Rate

    Enter your desired rate in our Exchange and wait for the market to match it. This is only available to CurrencyFair customers.

Take a look at our process times to find out how long a Emirati Dirham money transfer to the UK could take.

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