How the CurrencyFair Exchange works

Our peer-to-peer marketplace is called the Exchange. It is where every transfer takes place and where money is securely exchanged.

Exchange with CurrencyFair

Save more by matching with a peer on a unique/bespoke exchange rate.
  1. illustration of the marketplace

    Request a rate

    If an exchange is not urgent, customers can request a unique exchange rate in the Exchange, different to the live rates available in real-time in our calculator.
  2. Enter the Exchange Queue

    After a rate is set, we work to find somebody to match with you at this rate. The Exchange Queue shows the total amount of currency waiting to be exchanged at each rate by your peers. The rate at the top of the queue is next in line to be exchanged.
    illustration of the marketplace
  3. illustration of the marketplace

    Rate, Set and Match

    An exchange will take place if the best rate available moves to match your rate in the exchange queue. Then you are at the top of the exchange queue. When the exchange takes place, your trade is matched.

How to choose a rate

Read more about how exactly you can save on money transfers in the Exchange here.

Don’t forget:
The exchange rate in a pending exchange can be changed at any time - up until the point of 100% exchange completion. Do this in the 'Transaction Overview' section of your account.

What exchange rate should I choose?

The exchange rate chosen in this marketplace depends on the goal of the customer. Customers typically choose a rate they believe the market could move to in a given period of time.

How can I see past exchange rates?

When setting an exchange rate there are two tools that can help customers to select a rate:

The Rate History
Allows you to map your desired rate against the historical rate to see when this rate was last seen in the CurrencyFair marketplace.

The Exchange Queue
Shows the total amount of currency waiting to be exchanged at each rate by peers in the marketplace. The rate at the top of the queue is the next in line to be exchanged.

Bank level security - without the hassle of the banks

CurrencyFair is fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Money-Changing and Remittance Businesses Act (Cap. 187) so your money is always secure.

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The CurrencyFair Exchange FAQs

Some common questions asked by people about our marketplace, the Exchange.