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CurrencyFair And Swiss Transfers

How CurrencyFair can Help You Transfer Money to Switzerland

To start to send money to Switzerland, you’ll need to set up an account with us.

Once done, you’ll have two options for exchanging funds. You can:

  • “Create a Transaction” – your money will be exchanged straight away at the best rate available as soon as it reaches us.

  • Enter your desired rate in our Exchange and wait for the market to match it. This can take a little longer than creating an auto-transaction, but you could end up with a rate better than the interbank itself (the real, live exchange rate). This is only available to CurrencyFair customers.

Take a look at our process times to find out how long the exchange will take and read reviews of our service in our customer testimonials.

A History of Switzerland’s Currency

The Swiss franc is the currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The Swiss Federal Constitution of 1848 specified that only the federal government was allowed to make money in Switzerland. Two years later, the first Federal Coinage Act was passed, which introduced the franc as the monetary unit of Switzerland.

Historically, the Swiss franc is considered as a ‘safe haven’ currency by investors and traders thanks to the fact that it had virtually no inflation and 40% of it had to be backed by gold reserves. However, its links to gold were terminated in 2000.