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Fill in the banks details for new recipients or select a saved recipient.

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Once you transfer in money to your account, we will exchange it at rates up to 8x cheaper than the banks and transfer out to your recipient without delay.

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Access bank-beating exchange rates

Access great FX rates from any device, at any time. Send and receive international money transfers in over 20 currencies, wherever you are in the world, quickly and securely.

Why CurrencyFair?

Regulated & secure

Regulated & secure

We are fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland so your money is in safe hands.

Avoid excessive fees

Avoid excessive fees

We charge a flat-fee of just €3 (or currency equivalent) for money transfers. There are no hidden charges in our fine print.

Quick money transfers

Quick money transfers

Send over 20 currencies to 150+ countries and enjoy same-day money transfers on major currencies.

Bank-beating FX

Bank-beating FX

Exchange now at rates up to 8x cheaper than the banks.

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