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Tired of poor exchange rates and excessive bank fees when you need to send money home?

With CurrencyFair, you get the best available rates for your international money transfers - up to 8x cheaper than a typical bank.

The fast, easy and low cost way to send money back home.

Working and living abroad as an expat is a great way to build your savings nest egg or maybe to buy property in your home country.

Expats can use CurrencyFair to:

Feedback from expat, David Burke

Wow! We love it when we get amazing feedback like this from awesome CurrencyFair customers like David. Here’s exactly what he said…

I don’t think I have ever used a better service provider/website in my life. Honestly!!

The transfer process took less than 24 hours, I got exactly the rate I checked on and my mobile converter app and I saved £125 on the quote given to me by my bank, which I imagine would take 5+ working days as usual!

That saving even included the transfer fee!! The guys did exactly what they said they would do and I was so impressed by how easy they made everything, in particular Aisling for the email support and Ryan, who followed that up with a call just to make sure everything went ok - even though it was an easy process! Customer service is outstanding, and the security around the transfer and use of the website is very comforting.

Since arriving in the UK I have dealt with so many incompetent agents and companies it was making my head spin. Using ATMs and visa transactions were hurting my bank balance. So happy to have put all that behind me.

I will recommend to every person I know who transfers money to use this service. And I should think that will be a few since I have been traveling for 36 months and it was a common situation that friends and relatives found themselves in!

Once again thanks so much!!

David Burke

Feedback to CurrencyFair, June 2014


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