CurrencyFair Exchange

The CurrencyFair Exchange is a marketplace where we bring buyers and sellers together online.

This unique peer-to-peer marketplace empowers you to set your own rate, and wait for it to be matched with other customers.

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Request a rate

If an exchange is not urgent, customers can request a unique exchange rate in the Exchange marketplace, different to the live rates available in real-time in our calculator.

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Enter the Exchange Queue

After a rate is set, we work to find somebody to match with you at this rate. The Exchange Queue shows the total amount of currency waiting to be exchanged at each rate by your peers. The rate at the top of the queue is next in line to be exchanged.

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Rate, Set and Match

An exchange will take place if the best rate available moves to match your rate in the exchange queue. Then you are at the top of the exchange queue. When the exchange takes place, your trade is matched.

How the CurrencyFair Exchange works
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Set your own target exchange rate

The CurrencyFair Exchange is where we bring buyers and sellers together online. We host the marketplace, ensure that everything is recorded correctly and that all transactions happen quickly and smoothly. We hold the funds, meaning you can exchange safely with other customers around the world.

If things are quiet, we make sure a match is available in the market for you so you can always get a great exchange rate.

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Why set your own rate?

Have some time to spare and think that the rate is going to get better?

Then choose your own exchange rate and wait for someone on the other side of the market to match you. The reason why CurrencyFair is so much cheaper than banks and other money transfer companies is because we can match you with our other users who are also looking for the fairest rate.

Remember: a live exchange rate can go up or down. We cannot guarantee that you will get the rate you choose. However you can amend or cancel your rate at any time before it is matched.

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Bank level security – your money is in safe hands.

CurrencyFair is fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Money-Changing and Remittance Businesses Act (Cap. 187) so your money is always secure.

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The CurrencyFair Exchange FAQs

Some common questions asked by people about our marketplace, the Exchange.

What if I don’t want to choose my own rate?

No problem. Just click the 'Back' button and choose 'Best rate available now'. An exchange will take place immediately at the best rate available in the marketplace at that time.

What happens if there is only a partial match?

Occasionally, if only a portion of a customer's exchange is matched, CurrencyFair will step in to match the balance in full or in batches. Customers are sent an email when this happens and can also track this in the 'Transaction' section of their account.

When will my exchange take place at my requested rate?

An exchange will take place if the best rate available now moves to match a customer's rate and stays at that rate until the customer moves to the top of the queue.

Is my exchange rate guaranteed?

As an exchange rate is live, it is at risk of moving in either direction. We cannot guarantee that customers exchange will be completed at the rate requested.