Receiving Money from Abroad Efficiently and Easily

A more rewarding way to manage international payments for you and your customers

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  1. Save Every Time

    Collect funds from clients without the currency overheads. Receive more on every payment by avoiding excessive exchange rate markups and bank fees.

  2. Easy & Efficient

    Avoid the hassle and paperwork involved in managing international bank accounts. Receive payments directly through CurrencyFair, and transfer out into your domestic bank.

  3. Happier Customers

    Keep it simple and invoice your customers in their local currency. They’ll know exactly what to pay, will avoid hidden bank fees, and you’ll keep them coming back.

The simple way to send money

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Send money to CurrencyFair

Set up your account and send your money to us by bank transfer.

Exchange your money

Get the best available rate with CurrencyFair, and pay up to 5x less compared to a typical bank.

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Transfer your money out

We transfer the money to your recipient.

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