Express Deposit Terms Conditions

CurrencyFair shall only process deposits which originate from debit cards issued by a bank in the held in the name of the CurrencyFair account holder. For security reasons, you cannot make more than 3 payments per day with your debit card and this is subject to an overall daily maximum permissible deposit from your debit card per day.

Your debit card must be enrolled in your card issuer’s 3D secure programme to transact with CurrencyFair.

3D Secure is an added layer of security for online card transaction. A private code known only to you and your bank helps protect you against unauthorized use of your card. In simple terms, chip and pin online. In the event that your debit card is not enrolled in 3D Secure, you will not be able to use your debit card to deposit funds to your CurrencyFair account.

You hereby agree, warrant and represent that no chargebacks or other cancellation of deposits will be made relating to your account without our prior consent.

In the event of any of the foregoing occurring, you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against any costs, claims, damages and expenses arising in connection therewith and to refund and compensate us for any losses we would otherwise incur arising from such actions including any expenses incurred by us in the process of recovering such amounts.