How CurrencyFair Works

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Getting Started

Start saving on your money transfers in three simple steps.
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    Create your free account

    Opening an account is quick and easy, and can take just minutes.
  2. Set up your transaction

    Tell us the amount and currency you want to exchange, and who you want to send to.
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    Transfer your money

    Send your money to CurrencyFair by bank transfer to be exchanged.

We take care of the rest!

When we receive your money, we exchange it at the best available rate and transfer to the recipient without delay.

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  • 8 times cheaper than the banks

    On average you pay just 0.4% above the mid-market rate (the rate you see on Google) of the amount exchanged.


Your money arrives

The recipient receives their money: fast and secure at a bank-beating exchange rate.
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Get the best available rate with CurrencyFair

You Send

GBP currency

Recipient Gets

Eur currency
Send Money

Not ready to exchange?

With CurrencyFair you can request a better rate, or top up your wallet and exchange later when the rate suits you.

The CurrencyFair Wallet

Our free multi-currency wallet offers bank level security for all your currencies, and your funds are always ready to exchange. Top up at any time, and transfer when you’re ready.

Choose your own rate

Our unique peer-to-peer exchange empowers you to set your own rate, and wait for it to be matched with other customers exchanging the opposite currency.

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Rate alerts

We’ll keep you informed of the latest rates with our email alerts. You can set up daily or weekly alerts, or request an email when a currency reaches your desired rate.

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