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Stay in control of international cash flow

Move money seamlessly between accounts, helping your business grow globally.

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Global Expansion

Whether growing your customer base or funding new projects, CurrencyFair’s simple, fast currency transfers help your business to scale internationally.


Smooth Operations

Keep day-to-day business activities running smoothly in all locations. Move money where you need it, when you need it, at a rate which makes business sense.


Repatriate Profits

When it comes to transferring foreign funds back to head office, don’t get stung by excessive bank or broker fees. CurrencyFair helps you to repatriate your funds fairly.


How does it work? Stay on top of overseas cash flow in three simple steps


Send In

Send in funds from your local business bank account.



We get the best exchange rate for you, or you can choose your own rate.


Transfer Out

Your money arrives in your destination account, ready to fund your business.


It was a no-brainer. We switched straight away. Cannot fault the team, the service or offering and would highly recommend to anyone who needs to handle multi-currency receipts, payments or transfers.

Jerry Pett

CurrencyFair has been a very efficient way for us to manage our funds through the opening of our new office abroad, providing us with a service both quicker and less expensive than through our regular banks.

Benjamin Blanc

A few years ago I spent 10 Euros on an issue of The Economist, where I read about CurrencyFair. This investment has turned into savings on currency exchange of tens of thousands. I would recommend them to any business, large or small, that needs to convert currency.

David Amrein
Dr Clark Center

CurrencyFair gives me control over my currency transactions. I can watch the rates live on the website and exchange when it is favourable to me. The process is extremely fast from exchange to deposit into my bank account.

John Pike
Polytech Solutions Ltd

If you want to save money, use an efficient speedy system – it’s a no brainer - use CurrencyFair.

Richard James
Willingdon Management Ltd

I came across CurrencyFair and read hundreds of reviews. It’s the best kept secret to find parity exchange rates with only US$4 per transaction. For those wanting to really save on Forex, I recommend doing it all through CurrencyFair.

Will Maltman
Novatank Pty Ltd

Ready to start saving? Our customers have saved a total of over  €160 million. Join the savings today!

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Best online provider for sending £10,000 to Europe. — Report, Jan 2016