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Save money paying overseas invoices

Eliminate excessive fees when paying suppliers, employees and contractors from abroad.

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Better Rates

Get better value currency transfers, without the markups that banks and brokers charge. Our small fee is completely transparent and fair, so your business makes savings on every transaction.


Faster Payments

CurrencyFair helps you to pay on time, every time. With our next-day transfers between GBP and EUR, you can be sure your money will reach its destination quickly.


Simple & Convenient

Manage invoice payments from the office, at home or on the go through our online platform. Set up recurring transactions for regular transfers, and never miss a payment again.


How does it work? Pay foreign invoices and salaries in three simple steps


Send In

Send in funds by bank transfer.



We get the best exchange rate for you, or you can choose your own rate.


Transfer Out

Your money arrives in your destination account.


CurrencyFair is great for businesses with international teams and global supplier networks. As a company with offices around the world we can use funds we receive to pay our suppliers without managing multiple bank accounts, maintaining clarity of accounting and avoiding unnecessary exchange cost.

Nikodem Lacki
Bold Mind Ltd

CurrencyFair is excellent, I'd recommend it to anyone but my competitors :-)

Sapoty Brook

We work with a number of manufacturers in Italy. Exchange rates are constantly changing and it’s difficult for anyone dealing in overseas markets. It’s even more of a challenge when you are small and don’t have the leverage of large volumes and bank accounts. CurrencyFair has reduced our international exchange overheads, providing a competitive cost of doing business, which we pass on to our clients.

Peter Mingon
La Promenade

CurrencyFair is vital in our business as we have suppliers and customers around the world. We can make and receive payments in most common currencies. It's quick and simple to use and the customer support is excellent. I already recommend it to everyone.

Catherine Bruzzone
b small publishing

I am so glad that I discovered an easy and reliable way of saving money on foreign transactions for my business. You can even name the rate that you want to exchange at in the marketplace, and it will automatically exchange when it reaches it.

Lars Uellendahl
Fibrous Bikes

My experience to date with CurrencyFair has been very satisfying. The service is extremely user friendly and caters for the novice. The rates and charges are excellent compared to mainstream banks.

Fergus Coghlan
Pro Source Ltd

I was looking for a better alternative to the major banks. CurrencyFair were very helpful on the phone and the system they use is very user friendly. The rates they offered were excellent and only a small transaction fee was required.

Richard Birch
The Fancy Banger

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Best online provider for sending £10,000 to Europe. — Report, Jan 2016