Take control with multi-user access

Delegate access to your team, assign tailored roles and permissions, and gain transparency with two-step approval

Personalised roles & permissions

Optimise your time and business processes by delegating access to your team. Get granular by tailoring each user’s permissions.

Two-step approval

Two-step approval empowers you to authorise outgoing payments before they leave your account.

Why CurrencyFair for Business?

Low-margin FX

Trade on your own terms from any device, at any time. Exchange now at the best available rate, or choose your own rate.

International payments

Send low-cost international payments in up to 20 currencies, and receive from over 150 countries.

Save time

Streamline the way you receive, exchange, and make cost-effective payments by granting permissions to your team.

CurrencyFair has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when buying my coffee roaster from Germany. I'm not super knowledgeable on how the world's currencies work, but CurrencyFair simplified it for me. I can monitor where the rates are at so I can exchange at just the right time as I grow my coffee roasting business and start sourcing more coffee internationally.

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Aaron Bradley • Founder

Slide Coffee Roasters

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does multi-user access cost?

There are no fees involved in setting up multi-user access on your CurrencyFair for business account. We do, however, charge a small fee of €3 (or currency equivalent) for Transfer Out.


How many custom users can I add to my account?

You can add up to eight users to your account, and their permissions will be fully configurable. You can control your team’s ability to exchange currencies, transfer money out of your account, or add, edit and delete bank account details.


How do I enable custom roles on my account?

To turn on custom roles, simply navigate to the Roles button at the top of your CurrencyFair dashboard. This will display a pop up that contains a button called Enable custom roles.

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