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Why Is CurrencyFair So Much Cheaper Than Banks For International Money Transfers?

July 10, 2015 how-to

Cheaper Than Banks For International Money Transfers

When people read our popular article on Money Transfer Companies Compared they are often surprised at just how much they can save versus using banks and other money transfer companies.

This leads to a natural question: Why is CurrencyFair so much cheaper than banks for international money transfers?

Today, we turn to CurrencyFair’s customer service guru, Tim Porter, for the answer.

Why is CurrencyFair so Much Cheaper Than Banks?

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CurrencyFair is a peer to peer marketplace.

What does that mean?

Well, instead of exchanging money with a bank, you’re exchanging money with people who are going in the opposite direction to you.

So for everyone who wants to sell euros and buy sterling, there are people who want to sell sterling and buy euros.

We match you up.

That means that you’re always going to get a great exchange rate.

Also, we have a local bank accounts set up in each jurisdiction so when you deposit into CurrencyFair, it’s generally free of charge and of course we have excellent customer service so you can give us a ring anytime.

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