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Which Type Of Expat Are You? Here Are The 10 Most Common

May 29, 2015

We’ve previously looked at popular expat locations – Where Have All The Expats Gone? – and also the reasons why British expats are so fond of Australia.

Thanks to Internations, who have tonnes of interesting information on expat life here, we can examine the top 10 categories of expats. People move abroad for a wide range of reasons, from a new career to retirement and everything in between. Here, thanks to excellent use of expat data, we can see the proportion of expats who move for each reason, the gender split, and even how many report a negative effect on their personal finances.

We originally saw this on GringosAbroad’s blog, another excellent site. Here are some details from the study which may help ease your mind if moving abroad is on your list of options!

Of those who moved abroad for work related reasons, 59% have improved their income, with 61% of those recruited by local employers seeing the same benefit. The flip side of moving for work is the travelling spouse, of whom 48% say it’s difficult to find friends in their new location. Only 33%, however, say they’re financially worse off after the move.

Of those who move for love, 15% are single.


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