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Which Country Has The Top Monthly Disposable Income?

March 24, 2015

The Countries Where People Have the Most Money to Spend

We love data here at CurrencyFair., the international moving company who are “dedicated to making your move abroad easier“, have compiled the below infographic based on personal disposable income (after all taxes) around the world.

The usual suspects feature near the top; Switzerland, Australia, USA and the Nordic countries, with tax havens and oil producers following closely. Zambia makes a surprise entry in the top five because, according to The Independent, “the range of surveyed incomes are quite high, distorting the average; the median would be much lower.”

There’s more good news for us here in Ireland after Sunday’s epic Six Nations Championship win – the average disposable monthly income is $31 higher than in the UK.

We also have $140 more than the average German, but hopefully they won’t find out.

Which Country Has The Highest Monthly Disposable Income?


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