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Where Have All The Expats Gone?

September 2, 2014 infographics

If you saw our recent post Why do British Expats Move to Australia, you may be wondering why we chose to look at Australia over, say, Canada or the US.

Well, have no fear – we also have statistics for the US and Canada too! We created this wonderful infographic to illustrate why Brits choose these three spots over anywhere else. We’ve also provided an embed code below, so you can share it on your own blog or website!


According to HSBC, a whopping 90% of expats here report having a solid connection to the new host country.canada expat stats Not surprisingly, almost 60% of those surveyed said they found the locals extremely amiable, compared to the average 45%.

HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey also discovered that expats in Canada found searching for accommodation easier than in other locations, and that the housing they find is generally better and of a higher quality. Seven out of every ten expat parents felt their kids would have a better standard of living in Canada compared to their home nations.

The statistic that reveals quite a lot about Canadians is that only 24% of expats claim to spend more time with other expats, compared to the average of 39%. So, is the stereotype of Canadians being friendly true? It would seem so, and with 86% of respondents intending to stay in Canada indefinitely, it’s all but confirmed.

The US

Does the “American Dream” still hold any appeal for expats, British or otherwise? It would appear so, with 40% of those surveyed being able to own their own property in the US, compared to a 24% average. usa expat statsA decent healthcare system (for now), higher quality of life and opportunities for their children ranked highly in the report, all being well above the norm.

One third strongly agreed that it’s easy to make new friends and forge relationships, meaning 80% intend to stay indefinitely.

As with Canada, the diversity of cultures and predominance of the English language make settling in the US easier than many expats may fear. Some other positives include the slightly unexpected “owning a better car” (51% v 33% global average), the quality of outdoor surroundings (55% v 42%) and “finding a life partner”, with almost half of all expats (47%) in the US claiming to have found love, proving the Land of Opportunity still retains many of its better opportunities.

The Rest

Spain has fallen down the list in recent years, but was the second most popular expat destination behind Australia as recently as 2004. Other notable destinations include France (overtaken by Canada), Germany and of course New Zealand.

Ireland is still popular with the Brits, providing a similar lifestyle, climate and cost of living, at a fraction of the travel time.

So while the below infographic focuses on the top three British Expat destinations, there’s a wealth of information on the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey.


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