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Want A Posh English Accent? Here’s How [Video]

August 23, 2014

This made us laugh. Travel With Kate

You might have seen our recent article on the rise of the digital nomad – people travelling the world and working as they go thanks to the connectivity of the online world.

Well, we’ve met the effervescent Kate Thomas of Travel With Kate fame and she sure is living the dream.

I’m Kate Thomas. And when I travel, I connect with locals who can give me unique perspectives of my destination. So whether I’m seeking out great local finds or just having a chat about local life, you’ll get a new angle on destinations around the world.

This video from Kate may make any of our British customers laugh as well as any of our customers living the UK.

Also, below we’ve some celebrities ready and waiting to share some international slang.


Well, while we’re here, we may as we turn to Hugh Lawrie and Ellen DeGeneres as they help us learn the differences between American English and, well, English English.

Ok, now get back to work . . .

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