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Is It Time For A Change? [Short, Funny Video]

December 8, 2014

Fear of change. It’s a strong force that holds many people back.

One interesting comment we tend to hear on social media and email from new customers of CurrencyFair is this: “I wish I’d switched to CurrencyFair sooner.”

I wish I’d switched to CurrencyFair sooner.

It’s not surprising that people wish they’d started using CurrencyFair sooner when you see the benefits they been missing out on: 

  • More money in your pocket (CurrencyFair is up to 90% cheaper than banks).
  • More control (Send money with a bank and watch it disappear into a deep black hole until it reappears sometime in the future with a large chunk missing. Send it with CurrencyFair and be in control of the whole process).
  • Friendly, accessible support when you need it (None of this “Thank you for phoning GloboBank. Your call is important to us. You are on hold for a large part of the rest of your natural life. Please have ready your customer number, your bank details, the address of your children’s kindergartern, the first three digits of your butcher’s phone number, etc.” At CurrencyFair, we’re real people who like helping other people – like you.)
  • A warm happy glow that comes from the knowledge that you are no longer beholden to the big greedy banks that have never cared about you as a person in your whole life.

In case you are still unsure whether now is the right time to make the change and set up a new CurrencyFair account and be ready for your next international money transfer, here’s something that might help . . .

Here is a short funny video from a completely different field. The TV commercial has nothing to do with currency transfer but it makes the point: if things aren’t working well for you right now, it could be time to change.

Enjoy (and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about CurrencyFair).

Interested in learning more, click here to see how CurrencyFair compares to other money transfer options.

Use CurrencyFair To Send Money Abroad

Is it time for a change?

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