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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

April 24, 2016


When it comes to moving abroad, a good moving house checklist is the difference between a well organised and smooth transition to your new destination, and having to react to unexpected mishaps and stress along the way. The key is knowing what to expect so that you can nip any complications before they become serious hurdles.

To help you stay ahead of the moving curb, Kent Removals & Storage has drawn on their 70 years of experience to compile The Ultimate Moving House Checklist. If all items on this list are ticked-off, you’ll be part of the one million people that Kent has helped relocate without stress.

First Things First

  • Clutter clear-outs. There’s no better time to declutter than leading up to a move! As you go through everything in your home, always have a box for keeps and box for donations close by. Deciding what to keep and what not to keep on moving day is an impossible task, and you’ll end up moving a load of items from the darkest corners of your old home and unnecessarily re-create those spaces in your new one.

Start Early – 1-2 Months to Moving Day

To get as much as possible off your plate before the moving day, complete these key tasks 1-2 months out from moving day:

  • Book an international mover. An important part of relocating is booking your international mover, even if you haven’t yet set a move date. It is imperative you obtain accurate quotes from quality, experienced moving companies as too many things can go wrong, and your belongings are too important to trust to just anyone
  • Tell everyone. The taxman, bank, landlord, council, work place, and utility companies to name a few. Anyone else you receive mail from such as overseas relatives and friends or even those annoying DVD store late fee letters
  • Pets. Organising your pet transport or somewhere for them to stay during the move well ahead of time is imperative. And be sure to remember to change your pets local registration details to your new address too
  • Insurance. Your typical home insurance doesn’t usually extend to furniture items damaged during transportation. If you don’t know where to start, your moving company should offer comprehensive insurance options to cover all the bases. Book this in with your mover early on.

Moving Day is Approaching – Two Weeks Out

With less than a fortnight before relocating, things will now start to feel a lot busier. While there’s still time, there is plenty you should be doing:

  • Visualise and measure. This goes for both homes. In your old home, make sure that you have created the necessary pathways and openings for the international removalists to do their job ahead of time. If possible, in your new home, get an idea of where you want your large furniture items so they only need to be moved once
  • Confirm dates and arrangements. If you’ve organised friends or family to help out; take the kids or look after the pets, make sure no one has their wires crossed. This goes for the removalists as well. Give everyone a call to confirm dates and arrangements are still as scheduled
  • Prioritise and itemise. Gather your most important valuable items and place them out of the way in a safe place. As you’re collecting these, it might be worth listing each item, that way when you get nervous about whether you’ve packed that family heirloom, you won’t have to rummage through a fragile, packed box – you can just check your list
  • Errand time. Don’t get caught out having to pick-up dry cleaning, return borrowed books, or running any errands that could have been completed before moving weekend.

Moving Weekend

Moving is generally a two day ordeal, so if you can’t arrange time off work, then you have to arrange moving over the weekend:

  • Whitegoods care. Clean and defrost your fridge, drain fluids from kitchen and laundry appliances, charge everyone’s phones and back-up the computers
  • Necessities. Some things you just can’t go without, even for a day or two. So pack a bag of whatever those items are, including; medication, toiletries, phone chargers, water and food
  • Instruction time. If you’ve ever wanted to rule with an iron fist, now is the time. Compiling a clear, resolute list of instructions to give your removalists clarifies and speeds up the process on moving day for all involved.

Post-Move Day

  • Is everything in order? Make sure your new home is in the same condition as when your move was agreed upon, check with your removalist that all your belongings have all arrived safely…Settle in and enjoy!
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