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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

May 15, 2016 expats

If you want to take the stress out of moving overseas and turn a potentially hair-raising day into a smooth, streamlined process, you need a moving house checklist.

Our moving checklist is the product of the knowledge we’ve gained from moving a million customers locally, interstate and internationally over a 70-year period. If you want tips on how to ensure a seamless overseas moving experience, then look no further.


General Moving House Tips and Packing Tips

This section examines the general ‘truths’ of moving, including:

  • Using the opportunity to have a good spring clean, and get rid of all those things you don’t use anymore
  • Knowing that you’ll always need more moving boxes and packing tape than you first think
  • Allocating sufficient time for packing to ensure everything is packed as securely and safely as possible, especially for overseas transport.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: Two Months to Moving Day

Even the most organised of people often think that two months out from relocation is too early to start a moving checklist. But if you want to have a successful, stress-free moving experience we recommend giving yourself a handy head start. Two months out, we encourage you to:

  • Research and lock in your international removal company
  • Arrange international transport for your vehicles and pets
  • Create an itemised list of expenses to keep your budget on track
  • Secure a storage facility in your country of residence, or host country, if required
  • Decide which items to take, sell, discard or donate
  • Start using up all the food in the fridge, freezer and pantry so it isn’t wasted.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: One Month to Moving Day

A two month head start doesn’t give you time to rest. Our advice for one month out from the moving day encourages you to:

  • If renting, give notice to your landlord and organise a final inspection to secure a full bond refund
  • Confirm moving dates with your mover, giving yourself a definite timeframe to work to
  • Continue packing and create a list of all the treasures that require extra attention, such as heirlooms, jewellery and antiques. Request that your international mover provides professional, secure packing of these items, ensuring they receive the utmost protection during international transit
  • Investigate and take out international removals insurance, for further peace of mind.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: Two Weeks to Moving Day

There’s two weeks to go and moving day is getting closer and closer. If you’ve been following this moving checklist, then you should be feeling organised leading up to your relocation. With two weeks to go it’s time to:

  • Contact your utility providers to arrange disconnections of water, electricity, internet etc.
  • Create a mail redirection service with your local post provider
  • Cancel domestic services such as cleaners and gardeners
  • If you have had the opportunity to view your new home in your host country, begin creating a floor plan for furniture placement in your new home.


Moving House Checklist and Tips: One Week to Moving Day

There’s a week to go—it’s not time to panic, but it’s definitely time to knuckle down and finish organizing your relocation. At this stage you’ll need to:

  • Confirm the final inspection of your home
  • Confirm your overall removals plan with your international mover, so no unexpected changes occur on moving day
  • Confirm any flights and accommodation arrangements made.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: The Day before Moving Day

This checklist will be a godsend the day before a big overseas move. It will highlight that you should:

  • Create an ‘Essentials Kit’ full of all the important things you might need on moving day, like medications and phone chargers
  • Charge your mobile phones and make sure chargers are in a safe place. Write important numbers down just in case you run out of battery on moving day
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Drain your washing machine
  • Confirm with your utility companies that all services are scheduled to be disconnected.

Moving Day Checklist

To make things easier for you and your mover, we encourage you to:

  • Make sure any ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access
  • Carry important items, like jewellery and personal documents with you at all times
  • Confirm that all your belongings have been loaded into the moving truck
  • Keep a copy of your moving inventory handy as you travel.

Download Kent Removals & Storage comprehensive Moving House Checklist for even more handy moving tips.

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