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The Food Lovers’ Guide To The Czech Republic

July 16, 2015

The Czech Republic and its largest city, Prague, have been at the heart of European history for over thousand years. By moving there you will be living at the crossroads of empires and cultures.

The food in the Czech Republic reflects that diversity and history.

Czech Food Guide


From delicious and filling Germanic-style foods to delicate sweets fashioned in a French style, food in the Czech Republic has something for everyone.

Here are the best food and beverage blogs from the Czech Republic: 

Food Lovers’ Guide To The Czech Republic

Czech Menu – This is an eclectic tour of the Republic. czech-menuBreakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks are all represented here. Bring a fork and a napkin because this blog makes great food even better.

Taste of Prague – This is a great blog about food in and around Prague. Withtaste-of-prague postings about events in the city, restaurants and openings, this is a great source for fun and food in the heart of the old empire. The photography is wonderful, much of it is art quality and highlights the diverse food and beverages in one of the world’s greatest cities. (TwitterFacebook)

Bohemian Bites – A slick blog written by a British journalist, Bohemian Bites focusesbohemian-bites on food in restaurants and at home. It covers farmers’ markets, fine dining establishments, burger joints and more. (TwitterInstagram) Blog – Not just a food blog, this is a complete touring blogprague-logo of Prague. Trips from wine tastings to castles, the Prague Blog covers culture, history and, of course, lots of food. (TwitterFacebook)

My Prague Sights – As a complete touring blog of Prague, My Prague Sightsprague-sights is filled with restaurant reviews and delicious Czech recipes. They offer all kinds of advice for newcomers and visitors. Everything one needs to know about this historic city is here. (TwitterFacebook)

SIMI FoodBlog – This is a Czech language blog, so use your Google Chrome Translatorsimi-foodblog for this one. A real food tour of the world brought to you from the Czech perspective. The recipes are not only Czech, but also from other European countries, Africa and South America. It provides a wonderful insight into the food culture of the Czech Republic.

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