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The Food Lover’s Guide To New Zealand

July 8, 2015

Take a Look at Our Guide to Food in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country full of expatriates from many countries around the world. Its food is heavily influenced by the neighboring Asian countries, as well as its British heritage.

A newly arrived resident will have a world of foods to explore.

New Zealand Food Lovers Guide


Here are some mouth-watering blogs to get you started.

The Range of New Zealand’s Food and Delicacies is Astonishing


Beattie’s Cookbook and Food & Wine Blog – Beattie’s is a blog about cookbooks with a New Zealand focus. While Beattie covers lots of different books from around the world, the blog has a distinct love for all things Kiwi, including new publications, food awards, and contests. (Facebook)

Knot Just a Stomach  – “Arietta,” a nom de plume, tours all of New Zealand in search of great food and she finds it. From burgers to sweets, fine dining to street food, this a blog for everyone that includes photos that make your mouth water. (ZomatoNew Zealand Food

My Dining Journey – Here you will finds reviews of coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, and sandwich shops in Wellington, Auckland, and New Zealand’s sister country, Australia. Everything looks amazing in the photos and the reviews are full of great information. (Zomato)


An Auckland Vegan  – Moira writes a great little blog about vegan food in and around Auckland. She is constantly on the lookout for great vegan food from restaurants to grocery stores and more; she guides you to the obscure and satisfying. (TwitterFacebook)

Heartbreak Pie – Delanie is a writer with regular columns in magazinesheartbreak-pie and recipe writing for the Auckland Herald. Her writing is to the point. She covers restaurants, food events, and ingredients. If you are looking for distinctively New Zealand foods, this is the place to visit. (TwitterFacebook)

Eat Here Now – “Eat Here Now is the only guide you need to eating outeat-here-now in Auckland.” That’s what the blog says that it is and they may be right. Their restaurant reviews are thorough with great photos. Don’t go out to dinner until after you have read what they have to say about the restaurant to you’re going to. (TwitterFacebook)


Miso Peckish – This is a blog filled with restaurant reviews from aroundmiso-peckish the world written by “misopeckish,” who resides in Wellington. They travel around the world eating, and reporting. The Kiwi page is consistently updated, making this a great residents’ resource for information. (TwitterFacebook)

Muffin Mum – This mummy blogger includes restaurant reviews and lots ofmuffin-mum recipes. The photos are fun and active and she even includes prices for items as she goes. This is the perfect blog for mummies and families moving to New Zealand. (FacebookInstagram)

Lady Loves Cake – This Wellington blogger takes you for coffeelady-loves-cake and drives around New Zealand. She arrived in Wellington in April of 2015 and invites her readers to explore her new country with her. The photos are lively and real. The reviews include everything from sit-down restaurants to fast food delicacies. (TwitterFacebook)

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