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The Food Lover’s Guide To Canada

June 19, 2015

A move to Canada means that you will be surrounded by many different cultures, from the fishing villages of Nova Scotia to the heavy French influence of Quebec to the laid-back Pacific Coast lifestyles of Vancouver, BC.

These great cultures come with their diverse and long-standing food traditions. Here are some of the best food blogs from around Canada that will get you start on your new food journey in your new home.

Lobster Poutine 740


EatNMingle  – This blog is actually the product of a food group that postseat-n-mingle everything from grand openings to the juice cleanse experience. The group meets bi-weekly and celebrates all things Canadian from beer to the traditional decadent dish poutine. (Twitter)

The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog – Diana, the author of this greattoronto-cafe blog, takes her readers on a tour of the restaurants, cafes and gastropubs of Toronto. The photos of the restaurants are great and her reviews are upbeat and honest. (Twitter)


Montreal Breakfast Review – A blog dedicated to, arguably, the best meal of themontreal-breakfast-review day: Breakfast. It includes reviews of restaurants and events; there are also some distinctly Canadian specialties, like maple syrup on snow. This is Montreal in all its multi-cultural glory. (Twitter)

Montreal Food Divas  – The Food Divas have posted every Thursday since November 2011.montreal-food-divas They tend toward French restaurants and culture. Check out their unique ratings system on their About Us page. It’s a fun way to rate eateries. (Twitter)

Vancouver – This blog, run by Joyce, is a true foodies’ paradise:van-foodies fine dining, neighborhood gems and hearty home cooking all have a place in her writings. She shares her loves for great beer and great food, as well as her ability to make amazing food at home. (Twitter)

Nomss – This is a very slick blog dedicated to showcasing brands,nomss restaurants, and events around Vancouver. They test out foods and food-based healthy treatments that are produced in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. (Twitter)


Dan’s Good Side – Dan has produced a great blog that chases soups,dans-good-side salads, ingredients, and generally awesome eating in the Calgary area. The photography is wonderful and many of the dishes come with recipes. This is the perfect blog for anyone who loves food and cooking. (Twitter)

FollowMyFoodTrail – If you want a blog that is filled with eclecticfollow-my-food-trail foods and that push the boundaries, followmyfoodtrail is for you. From packaged matcha tea to Asian-fusion dinners, this blog is filled with interesting Asian-inspired foods. (Twitter)


Edible Woman – Decadent and delicious – those are two words that perfectly explain this blog from Edmonton. Wondrous desserts, beautiful food art, and fun holiday food creations are all on the menu here. (Twitter)

Gluten Free Edmonton – If you need gluten-free foods, whether you are ingluten-free-edmonton Edmonton or not, this is a great blog. There are recipes as well as reviews of Edmonton restaurants and events. (Twitter)


Tea for Two Sisters – More than just Ottawa food, this blog shows how thetea-for-two-sisters food works into the culture of this great Canadian city. You will feel like you are traveling around the city, from sporting events to new restaurants and so you will get a good feel for Ottawa and its food culture. (Twitter) – The team of Jenn and Don contribute great postings withfoodie-prints world-class photography about restaurants, wine, and events in the Capitol City. Follow this blog and you will also get opportunities for giveaways and event tickets too. (Twitter)


Mon Food Blog – With great photos, beautiful recipes, and a personal touch, this is a blog written by a French Canadian internist who loves to make glorious food. Be prepared to go to market to get ingredients after reading only a few of these postings. (Twitter)

Quebec City

Food Nouveau – This blog is filled with amazing fine dining recipesfood-nouveau that you can make at home. There is a bit of travel and some reviews, but the gem on this blog is the wonderful desserts, salads, and entrees. Each comes with a complete recipe and mouth-watering photos. (Facebook)


Dining with Donald – Restaurant reviews, top food truck listings, and a bitdining-with-donald of faith thrown in makes DiningwithDonald a unique food blog. The entire site is dedicated to food and his Christian faith. The two intertwine in a way that is unpretentious and different. (Twitter)

KarenFood – Karen not only does this blog but she also presents food on the CBC and around Canada. Her flavors are eclectic, her ingredients are seasonal, and her recipes are outstanding. This is almost a “cook along with Karen” type of blog. Have fun!


The Hungry Gnome – With great photography and am impeccable taste in food, thisthe-hungry-gnome is an outstanding blog for anyone. From food trucks to the Ritz-Carlton, there is a little bit of everything here. (Twitter)

Hamilton Small Fries – A celebration of Hamilton food, this is blog for anyoneham-smallfries who wants to see what a small Canadian city can do to change the culinary rules. Primarily restaurant reviews, HamiltonSmallFries brings you exclusive early looks at some of the best food in Canada. (Twitter)


Waterloo Region Eats – This is more than simply a food blog. There iswaterloo-region-eats ingredient advice and food industry information. This is everything food, including some great opinion pieces. (Twitter)


Lisa’s Kitchen – This is a vegetarian blog that islisas-kitchen dedicated to greatIndian foods. Lisa surveys recipes from around the globe, introduces her favorite foods, and presents Indian cooking in a fun, approachable way. (Facebook)


Family Feedbag  – Author and mommy-blogger Amy Bronee presents herfamily-feedbag favorite recipes and even portions of her new book, The Canning Kitchen: 101 Simple Small Batch Recipes. Her food is fun and playful; her recipes are world-class. (Facebook)

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