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The Food Lover’s Guide To Australia

June 2, 2015

Australians and their food are diverse and exciting.

Become an Australian Food Insider

What’s the best way to become an Australian food insider? By checking out some great Australian food bloggers and making them your guides to what to eat at home or out.

Here are some of the most interesting food blogs in the country’s largest cities and surrounding areas

Food Lover's Guide To Australia

Enjoy exploring Australia through their eyes and tastebuds. And don’t worry – the savings you make with CurrencyFair when you transfer your GBP to AUD means more money to sample even more culinary delights


Chew Town – Former opera singer Amanda brings her Italian passion for food to Australianchew-town and international cuisines. With stunning photography and a celebration of simple foods, Chew Town is a brilliant introduction to Australian food and food blogging. (Twitter)

Mademoiselle in Sydney – Created by two “French frogs” with a passion for all things food, this wonderful homage to food is well-written and playful. They not only do restaurant reviews, but also kitchen items reviews and they discuss ingredients. (Twitter)

Next Stop: Food – Felicia and Jess and friends have created a blog that is filled with down-to-earth restaurant reviews and recipes that are easy to do. Filled with photos of their dining experiences and food experiments, this blog is like a conversation with old friends over dinner. (Twitter) – Great restaurant reviews led by a clear love for dessert is what this blog is all about. Suze Thye writes about her dining adventures with a playfulness and an eye toward the pleasure of eating. There are also lots of great photos to show you what dinner looks like. (Twitter)

Melbourne – Tomato is a blogtomato that takes on all kinds of food issues. From the latest data on feeding the world to the latest food apps, this 10-year old blog is filled with information and fun. There are restaurant reviews and recipes. Nearly everything you need to know about Melbourne food is here. (Instagram)

Melbourne Food Blogger – Simply laid out and designedmelbourne-food-blogger to take you through Melbourne’s restaurant scene, Melbourne Food Blogger is filled with reviews and photos that are mouth-watering. The reviews are honest and critical without being over-the-top. (Instagram)


Australian Foodie – Australian Foodie is dedicated to short and fun restaurant reviews in and around Brisbane. The blog tells you about more than just the food, it gives you a feel for the attitude and atmosphere of each restaurant. (Twitter)

http://www.down—to—  This blog is about the food that you can grow and raise for yourself. With wonderful photos, this blog feels more a like a journey through someone’s garden journal.

Eat, Drink and Be Kerry – If you wanteat-drink-beKerry to know where to find the nicest restaurants, food markets and more, you should follow Kerry. Her perspective on food and food culture is unique and refreshing. Each update takes readers through a new and exciting experience. (Facebook)


Morsels – Morse’s food blog ismorsels filed with great restaurant reviews. He also does “Off the Shelf” reviews of pre-packaged food available at market. His blog also looks at foods around the world, giving his Australian perspective on global food trends. (Twitter)

TheChefHisWifePerth – Written by “The Chef’s Wife,” this food journalthe-chefs-wife follows her and her husband around Perth as they taste some of the country’s best foods. With the experience of a chef, these postings take readers to the finer ends of the food spectrum. Don’t dine in Perth until you have read what these two foodies have to say. (Facebook) – Perth Food Blog is an unflinching look at Perth’s restaurants and dining experience. The writer doesn’t pull any punches when they speak of how they were treated, served, or enjoyed their meal. This is a refreshing level of honesty in food blogging. (Twitter)

ChompChomp – This blog specializes inlogo-chompchomp gluten-free treasures and great interesting foods around Perth. From macaroons to martinis, the blog covers everything with great photos and unique dining experiences. Vegan, raw, paleo and allergy diets are all mentioned and reviewed. (Twitter)


The Chopping Board – On the Chopping Board is a group effort. The team reviews Adelaide restaurants. From clean eating establishments to high-end pizzerias, this is a great blog for discovering the unique foods created by the chefs of Adelaide.

Adelaide Foodies – This blog focuses on restaurant reviews, but also has sections for recipes and ingredients, as well as product reviews and events. The tone is easy to read and filled with great food that is made for you or for you to make for yourself. (Twitter)

Burger Me Adelaide – This blog, Burger Me Adelaide, is exactly what you would expect, a burger lover’s dream. The author takes readers all over Adelaide and Southeast Australia looking for the ultimate burger experience. Many of these seemingly simple sandwiches are the pinnacle of amazing eating. (Twitter)

Gold Coast

Good Food – Gold Coast – This is a personal food blogfood-gold-coast told from a Gold Coast perspective. Tracking food trends in the region, as well as reviewing restaurants along the way, this is a foodie’s tour of this great area of the country.


A Kitchen Cat – The creator, Tash, createsakitchencat lovely recipes and foods. She shares her best recipes and hints with her readers. She also presents some great restaurant reviews, all driven by wonderful photographs. (Twitter)

Edible Culture – Edible Culture is a completely unique blog. The authors travel around trying and testing all types of organic and unusual tropical fruits and vegetables. For the experimental eater interested in trying some very unique foods that are available in Australia and nearby nations, this is the blog.


Dig In, HobartThis is another fun and interesting blog.dig-in The author talks about everything from celebrity recipes to gardening to homemade treats. It is very personal and fun. This is a great personal conversation blog.

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