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The Cost Of A Date Worldwide | CurrencyFair

January 3, 2016 infographics

How Much a Date Costs Worldwide With Valentine’s Day just over a month away, we’ve taken a look at the cost of a date in eight of the world’s “most romantic” cities; Madrid, Rome, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, London, New York and Geneva. The Most and Least Expensive Date Locations Madrid is the least expensive city...


Where Have All The Expats Gone?

September 2, 2014 infographics

If you saw our recent post Why do British Expats Move to Australia, you may be wondering why we chose to look at Australia over, say, Canada or the US. Well, have no fear – we also have statistics for the US and Canada too! We created this wonderful infographic to illustrate why Brits choose...


Annoying Business Jargon [Infographic]

August 1, 2014 infographics

In most modern workplaces, if you asked someone to “open the kimono,” you’d be up on a workplace harassment charge faster than your boss could say “HR wants a word.” However, this phrase (“open the kimono”) has somehow crept its way into normal office vernacular. It has been joined by others.


A Brief History of Currency Exchange Infographic

July 1, 2014 infographics

The History of Money Exchange Everyone’s looking for more of it but have you ever wondered where money actually comes from? Today we’re sharing some interesting stories that play a part in the history of currency exchange. To see the evolution of money, click on the image over on the right or click here: history...

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