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15 Australian Migration Agents To Help You With Your Visa

August 6, 2015 australia / migration agent / students / visas

Migration Agents Who Can Help You With Your Australian Study Visa

The student experience in Australia is truly multicultural.

There are as many as 400,000 international students from all parts of the world studying in Australia at any one time, according to GoStudy, which helps students with their visa application process.

In fact, GoStudy writes that Australia has one of the highest proportions of international students of any country with universities, with one international student for every four Australian students. Some 40% of these students are from China and India, with the rest coming from all parts of the globe.

Why study in Australia?

“Students choose Australia because degrees are recognized by other schools and employers all over the world, and graduates from Australian schools are sought after due to the high standards of education associated with the country,” International Student writes.

All good points, but one other big draw for international students studying Down Under is the fact that the Australian government permits them to work while they study. In addition to that, Australia has the best minimum wage in the world, equivalent to US$9.54 (after tax and other deductions and once the difference in the cost of living is taken into account).

Still, obtaining a student visa is a fairly complex process. The first step is determining the exact visa you require; depending on the type of study you choose to undertake, there are a number of different visas for which you can apply.

This is when the services of a registered migration agent comes in.

Australian Migration Agents

We’ve compiled a list of 19 agents below, all of whom are experienced with Australian student immigration law, and who work with students and their families, simplifying the process so you can get on with your relocation.

Migration Agencies In Sydney

Petra Walke

A registered immigration agent at Sydney Migration International, Petra Walke advises student visa applicants that family members can usually accompany them to Australia for the duration of their courses and that students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school and unlimited hours between terms. A free online visa assessment is offered on the site with a response within 72 hours, and any follow-up meetings can be held by teleconference.

James Cagney

The founder of the International Immigration Alliance, James Cagney has more than 29 years’ experience in immigration. He and his family migrated from South Africa to Australia in 1998, so James is personally familiar with the process. He offers a free initial migration assessment to determine the visa category that best suits you.

Eugene Liu

Based in Sydney Australia and with a growing presence in the Hong Kong and Singapore, Move Migration are known for the value offered and their exceptional standard of service. Specialising in Skill Select visas and Family visas, Eugene Liu helps migrants apply their education and skills in Australia as well as reuniting with family. Because of Move Migration’s unique product line up and online business model, they are able to offer you the expert help you need at very reasonable costs.

Noelene Merrey

A registered migration agent for more than 15 years, Noelene Merrey is the CEO of ISA Group, an Australian local specialist with a global presence in immigration. The Australian office is located in Perth, and they also have offices in China, the Philippines and the UK.

Migration Agencies In Melbourne

Farrel Savitz

Located in Melbourne, Farrel Savitz is a registered migration agent who was born in Cape Town. He migrated to Australia in 1998 after being granted a skilled visa, and has since provided personalized Australian migration assistance, offering a free initial assessment for onshore students.

John O’Brien

Registered migration agent John O’Brien has been working as a migration consultant since 2002. From his offices in Victoria, he delivers immigration consultations on all Australian visa and migration matters.

Laurent J. Corgnet

Albatross Lawyers is a specialist Australian law firm in Queensland that focuses on migration and visas. Laurent J. Corgnet is the firm’s principal solicitor, managing director and migration agent. As Australian migration lawyers, the firm handles a range of visa applications and have associates in key international markets (the USA, Japan and the UK), so clients have a point-of-contact closer to home.

Migration Agencies In Perth

Carol-Ann Lynch

The principal registered migration agent at EasiVisa, Carol-Ann Lynch helps student with migration objectives and also helps them select the course of study which best suits their academic needs. From her Perth office, she can further assist students who’ve completed their studies in applying for a Graduate Skilled visa.

Glenn Rayner

This registered migration agent is also the managing director of My Migration Agent in Norwood, South Australia. Glenn Rayner relocated from the UK in 2000 and started his company in 2005. Since then, he’s helped 1500 individuals and families gain residency in Australia.

Jonathan Granger

The founder of Granger Australia, Jonathan Granger developed his Sydney-based company to be both a migration agency and an education agency. The migration practice provides expert advice with applications for temporary and permanent residence, with one of Jonathan’s key areas of expertise being student visas.

Athina Stephanou

At Brisbane’s AIS Immigration Solutions, registered migration agent Athina Stephanou works to make the student visa application process as seamless as possible. The steps include learning about the visa options available, ensuring all requirements and criteria are met, and then preparing and submitting the application on the student’s behalf.

Miguel Mudbidri

Globancy is a migration and education consultancy, and Miguel Mudbidri is one of the agents in the Sydney offices. He and his team help international students with everything from selecting a course from a relevant institution and assisting with the visa application or renewal, to overseas student health coverage, accommodation and travel assistance. Globancy has offices in Columbia, Nepal, Peru and the Philippines in addition to Australia.

Dharmendra Patel

The Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants, with an office in Melbourne, is part of the Aussizz Group, and their registered migration agents, including Dharmendra Patel, handle all categories of Australian visa matters, including those for international students in Australia. They offer a free consultation, and their head office is in Ahmedabad, India, with satellite offices in Anand and Chennai.

Migration Agencies In Queensland

Jonathan Flannery

Located in Queensland, Jonathan Flannery of Aussie Migration Law, really knows the complexities of international students relocating to Australia. For example, he says there are eight different subclasses of visas within Australia’s Overseas Student Program, each with its own assessment level, and each also subject to “genuineness factors.” “Visa conditions vary between different subclasses,” he says, so primary applicants may not have the same conditions as family members or guardians.

Amila Weerasinghe

Managing Director of Destiny Migration Solutions in Australia as well as both Destiny Migration Solutions and Destiny Education Solutions in Sri Lanka, Amila Weerasinghe also serves as the principal migration consultant for both offices. There are two locations in Australia, Victoria and Melbourne.

Dan Engles

Providing expert advice to those who wish to apply for Australian visas, Dan Engles of Visa Solutions has significant experience within the federal government in Canberra. Whether you wish to stay in Australia to study or visit for reasons of tourism, business or on a working holiday, Dan can help obtain the required visa.

Ivan Chait

Sydney’s Santa Fe Visa & Immigration Services operates under the umbrella of Santa Fe Wridgways, an international relocation company. Ivan Chait has consulted in Australian immigration since 1985, and is an associate fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia.

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