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Startups To Watch In 2014 – Send My Bag

March 3, 2014

In our series on exciting new companies to watch (Best Startup Business 2014), we’ve been looking at companies, big and small, that are making a difference by solving people’s problems. Startups To Watch In 2014 – Send My Bag

Today we’re looking at a startup which, like CurrencyFair, helps make life a little easier.

Travelling around the world can be such fun but the hassles that go with luggage can really drag you down. These hassles range from extra airline charges, delays, queues and so on.

Send My Bag – One Of The Startups To Watch In 2014

Send My Bag is a door to door luggage service which aims to save you money and put the fun back into travel.

Put simply, Send My Bag collects your luggage from your home before you travel and then has it waiting for you at your destination upon arrival. When it’s time to head home, they bring your luggage home again – simple!

It all sounds very simple but it sure is making life better for travellers. Send My Bag allows you to:

  • Avoid growing airline baggage fees
  • Forget about stressing over excess baggage
  • Skip check-in
  • Avoid waiting at baggage carousels.

The service is also particularly popular with expats or those with holiday homes who want to transport some home comforts abroad for less.

Send My Bag charges the same to collect abroad and return a bag to the UK as they do to send from the UK. This means they can be up to 10 times better value that using an international post office luggage service. (While you’re here, see what we really think of the Post Office in this article: 31298 Complaints In One Year?!).

At CurrencyFair, we like the Can Do attitude of this growing company. Send My Bag was up and running within a week of their founder being hit with excess baggage charges. That beats endless customer focus groups and 5 year marketing plans. As a business grows, market research and refinement is always required but nothing beats getting your product out there and seeing what people say.

It is their proactive nature that led them to be recognised by the UK consummer watchdog group Which? as being better value than the international airline, Ryanair, even before considering excess baggage fees or the higher cost of a second bag.

We like what Send My Bag are doing and we wish them all the best.

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