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Startups To Watch In 2014 – Madinks

September 15, 2014

In our continuing Best Startups series, we’re looking at startup that focusses on a single but painful problem for people and businesses alike. Madinks

We’ll take a look at Madinks and their unique approach in a moment but first let’s see what US consumer group had to say about the costs of printer cartridges . . .

In a nutshell, the Madinks startup are solving a very clear problem: people don’t want to pay more then they have to for ink and toner products.

Printer cartridges can also often be confusing. Have you ever walked up and down a stationery store trying to find the exact product ID number for your particular brand, type, and size of printer?

Surely there is an easier way? This is where the Madinks team step in.

Madinks is an online ink and toner sales site which takes the hassle (and hefty prices) out of buying print and toner cartridges. The business offers home users and small businesses a better priced and quality product compared to the expensive originals sold by printer manufacturers. MadInks-logo-with-Carter

They understand that finding what you need is difficult and so have also created a site that makes finding your cartridge very easy and that’s something we certainly appreciate. They have made it very easy to work out what printer you have and what print or toner ink you need.

They then set about making sure you save money in the process.

We asked the good people at Madinks for some advice to offer anyone who is in the early stages of a startup. They shared this good, simple advice: “You need to understand your customer’s needs. You need to create a product that satisfies that need at a price that is attractive. We believe having an excellent customer experience is key to the loyalty that your brand must develop.”

We wish the team at Madinks all the best!

You can check out them out here: Madink printer and toner cartidges online.

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