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Startups To Watch In 2014 – HiLine

January 21, 2014

As mentioned in our earlier post titled Best Startup Business 2014, we are looking at businesses that could vie for the title of Best Startup Business 2014Best Startup Business 2014

In this series we’ll be looking at some well known success stories as well as brand new businesses that are still testing their offering.

Today we are looking at a slightly unusual business in that it is not vying to change the banking world or redesign mass travel or connect people via new social media platforms.

This startup produces a very simple consumer product but does so in a very clever way.

A Brave Move By This Startup

Let’s begin with a question:

If you were creating a new business, would you aim to go up against one of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies and a Hollywood superstar, at the same time? George Clooney

The answer is obvious right?

Well, it wasn’t so obvious to HiLine Coffee. Or perhaps someone in there studied judo because they’ve brilliantly used their opponent’s size and weight to their own advantage.

What Problem Does The Startup HiLine Seek To Solve?

Ok, so it’s not world peace but a good cup of coffee first thing on a Monday morning sure goes a long way to reducing conflict and that’s where HiLine steps in.

Coffee Startup HiLine Coffee noticed that filter coffee consumption in the US has been sliding down in contrast to the rise of fancier, single serve coffees like the Nespresso pods made famous by Hollywood star George Clooney. Like printer cartridges, it’s the pods that produce the recurring revenue for Nespresso rather than sale of coffee machines themselves.

HiLine saw this shift in the market but, more importantly, they noticed the high prices charged for the fancy coffee pods.

In a skilful judo-like manoeuvre, HiLine have used Nespresso’s weight against itself by producing inexpensive HiLine coffee pods that fit neatly into the popular Nespresso coffee machines.

Our mission is to sell high quality coffee in Nespresso compatible capsules while offering great value and more choice to our customers. While we believe Nespresso manufactures the best single-serve coffee machines we feel it’s time to offer consumers a new choice of capsules to use with their Nespresso machines.

Result? Nespresso cracks the market open and HiLine marches in. And not a bad idea too. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the market for single-serve coffee is worth more than $3.1 billion.

Here’s how HiLine describe their own story:

We believe Nespresso manufactures the best single-serve coffee machines. And we really like their coffee! Being Nespresso coffee addicts, we developed a few premium blends and packaged them into compatible Nespresso cups. When we shared our product with our friends, they absolutely loved it! We knew we were onto something special so we founded HiLine Coffee Company to share our Nespresso coffee capsules with the world and introduce our alternative to the Nespresso Club.

At CurrencyFair, we like HiLine Coffee because of their innovative approach and their courage to take on a powerful multinational like Nestlé (at CurrencyFair, we compete with the big banks so we know what they’re going through).

We wish HiLine all the best and we’ll be savouring their fine brew very soon.

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