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July 22, 2015

CurrencyFair began life as a solution to a problem, and as the world gets smaller and more connected, similar problems are being solved by lateral thinkers in a whole range of areas.

In April 2015, Susan Donohoe established The idea came after a friend who was living in Qatar said “it would be great if you could offer a service where people got their mail sent to a business address or PO Box”. The same person mentioned the trouble Irish property owning expats have with their postal mail and the fact that many rely on family members or friends to collect and manage their Irish postal mail, which isn’t ideal with regards to privacy. After some research, training and investment, Susan secured the licence to operate the service exclusively in Ireland.


Who might use

Irish Postbox can be of use to;

  1. Expats and those who travel frequently but don’t have the backup at home to keep them in control of their postal mail while they are away.
  2. The ‘Accidental’ landlords who have had to move abroad for work but would like to maintain an Irish address for the banks/tenants without compromising their privacy by directing post to family members.
  3. Landlords who do not want to use their personal address in relation to dealings with tenants. This will facilitate the sending of original receipts for tax purposes where the tenants has incurred a direct cost.
  4. Those who work from home but would benefit from a street address and keep control of any post delivered to it.
  5. Order fulfilment where clients must order in large quantities of stock but don’t have the facilities to hold it at their office.
  6. Overseas companies who wish to establish a presence in Ireland with minimum expense.

We asked Susan about her company.

What’s the idea behind IrishPostBox?

Irish Postbox is a secure online mail management and mail forwarding solution that offers a simple way to access your Irish postal mail anywhere you are connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. You have full control of your postal mail through a secure online account and you can manage your mail in real time.

How does it work?

You redirect your post through An Post or notify every one of your new address. We scan your envelope and then give you the option to open it. This offers a secure way to access and take full control of your Irish postal mail from anywhere you are in the world.
You can now respond to your post at a time of your choosing and you don’t get junk mail forwarded at great expense. As a business you can establish a street address while working from home and keep up to date with your post while on the move.

Are there similar companies in Ireland?

Irish Postbox is a stand-alone company with an exclusive licence to operate a secure platform in the Republic of Ireland. This platform was developed over five years in the UK. This provides us with access to a continuously upgraded and monitored system supported by system developers.

Where does the post actually go?

We secured a business address in Trim, Co. Meath which provides Irish Postbox with the security and storage required to ensure the safety and privacy of paper/parcels. The building has 10,000 sq ft. of storage space and 24 hour cctv with a manned reception from 9am to 5pm.
In addition to the Meath address, We offer two Dublin addresses [one city centre and one south Dublin]. The Dublin addresses are important for overseas companies who want to establish a presence in Ireland. We will eventually secure addresses in Galway, Cork etc. as the need arises.

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