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Get Deposit And Transaction Confirmation By SMS Or Push Notification

January 12, 2017

We’re proud to announce the addition of another useful feature to CurrencyFair’s suite – SMS or Push Notifications.

What does this mean for you?

Next time you create a deposit or Auto Transaction, you’ll be prompted to enable this feature.

If you accept, we’ll inform you when your deposit has cleared and reaches your CurrencyFair account, and when your Auto Transaction has been triggered and funds sent to your recipient account.

We’ll also be introducing Mobile Push Notifications very soon.

We’ll only be using these features for their stated use, so rest assured we’ll not be bombarding you with marketing messages – it’s purely to make your CurrencyFair experience smoother, and keep you better informed.

What is a Browser Notification?

Essentially, it’s a little popup that appears within your web browser window.


You don’t have to be logged into CurrencyFair to receive notifications. For web notifications, your browser just needs to be open. If you don’t have your browser open, the notification will be queued until next time you open it.

SMS Notifications

These are simply a text message which will be sent to you on completion of either your deposit or Auto Transaction.


And Push Notifications?

Similar to browser notifications – but on your mobile device. (Coming soon)


For push notifications, you simply need to have them enabled on your device.


How To Activate Notifications

You’ll get prompted to enable web browser notifications after creating your next pending deposit or Auto Transaction (as in the below image). You can also turn on web notifications in the My Profile section of the web app.

A similar prompt will appear, to enable mobile push notifications, once you create a pending deposit or Auto Transaction after downloading the newest version of the app.

Again, you can also enable push notifications in the Account section of the mobile app.

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