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Saving Time & Money With Peer To Peer Marketplaces [Infographic]

June 4, 2014 infographics

Online peer to peer marketplaces bring people together to deal with each other directly. This saves everyone time, effort, and money (and lets people have some fun along the way).

This peer to peer marketplaces infographic shows how these online marketplaces:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Improve your everyday life
  • Provide convenience and quality
  • Help you get access to highly specialised products and services.

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Peer To Peer Marketplaces Infographic Peer to Peer Marketplaces Infographic 100

Let’s take a look . . . 

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Peer To Peer Marketplaces Infographic – A Day In The Life

Michael is a businessman working for a small company that deals with customers internationally. He lives with his girlfriend and they have a dog. He is constantly using peer-to-peer marketplaces for his benefit.


Michael leaves to go to work, a normal car with a friendly looking man in the driving seat is outside his house, he has booked a rideshare from Sidecar.

Michael arrives at the office and logs onto his computer to check his email, he has an email from Elance because the handouts he commissioned from a graphic designer are ready. He prints them out and leaves the office to meet the representatives from the French company that he has a meeting with, in some office space he has booked through ShareDesk as his office is too small.

The meeting goes well and a deal is struck. Michael suggests, as a way of saving money they should conduct all future transactions through CurrencyFair. He then orders a cab through the Hailo app on his smartphone to take them back to the airport.


After the morning meeting, Michael takes a late lunch at his favourite nearby cafe where he decides to book a weekend away at the seaside for he and his girlfriend to celebrate their anniversary. On his smartphone he books a place to stay with AirBnB and books the dog in on his own holiday with DogVacay, so that he and his girlfriend can have some quality time alone together.


Michael goes back to his desk in the afternoon and sets up the initial payment on CurrencyFair. Having saved so much money by using and being the generous guy that he is, Michael decides to put a portion of the savings into Kiva to help fund a loan for Lila in India, who needs it to buy seeds and manure for the cultivation of chillies.

Michael then gets someone to do his grocery shopping for him through TaskRabbit while he is still at the office, and as he arrives home from work, the guy who has done his groceries arrives at his house at the same time, he pays him and receives the shopping.


By making use of peer-to-peer marketplaces all day long, Michael has some spare time on his hands, so he does a quick 30 minutes of learning French for business on SkillShare.

When Michael’s girlfriend arrives home he has dinner ready for her, then hits her with the surprise that he’s booked a weekend away for their anniversary. She is delighted. So he tells her he is going to the pub to watch the football. At the bar watching the football he puts a bet on with Betfair on his smartphone.

Then back home to bed, feeling content with his day.

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