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Rumble in Ranelagh – The CurrencyFair Web Summit After Party!

November 6, 2014

Wi-Fi issues aside, the 2014 Dublin Web Summit was a resounding success. Now Europe’s biggest tech-meetup, some 22,000 entrepreneurs, business folk, tech-minded 80’s babies and curious hipsters flock to the RDS in the hope of finding the next “big thing”, promoting their own product or idea, or simply enjoying the atmosphere such a positive event can generate. Add to this Dublin’s reputation as a bit of a party town, and you’ve a recipe for late nights, earlier mornings and the occasional liquid lunch.

If you were lucky enough to get to the Summit, the selection of after parties and offsite events was huge, but in our own (heavily biased) opinion, the best party of all was the hastily titled Rumble in Ranelagh hosted right here in CurrencyFair HQ.

In association with QStream, FrontlineVentures and Paul Hayes we entertained around 100 Web Summit attendees with drinks, pizza and general tomfoolery. We then headed to the Tap House next door, but we’re convinced everyone enjoyed our office party more, and here are some pictures to support that theory.


How do you attract a tech-savvy crowd to your party? With pizza and beer, that’s how.


nom nom nom nom talk talk nom nom nom nom pretend to listen nom nom nom nom – and in the background, Archie from chats to our very own Ben & Simon.


Rumours that Ben from ate an entire 16 slice pizza have yet to be confirmed. Or denied.


CurrencyFair’s Mauro and Nicola deep in discussion. We can spot Peter Ross of there too!


Paul Hayes entertaining the gathering crowd, holding two beers for added visual impact. The blurry hands? We’ve no idea. They looked normal on the night.


People were enjoying Paul’s entertainment as the pizza (and beer) began to run out. The t-shirts are nice!

And that was pretty much that!

Thanks again to all who came, we hope you enjoyed the night. There are loads more photos on the CurrencyFair Flickr page.

Finally, if fancy wine is your thing, keep an eye on, an Irish startup who impressed us with their plans for an online wine ordering system for restaurants and wineshops.

Thanks @Frontline @qstream @paulhayesman What a top night! Delightful post-party whiff of stale beer in the office has just about cleared…

— CurrencyFair (@CurrencyFair) November 6, 2014

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