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Receive A Money Transfer From A Third Party

August 17, 2014 how-to

Use CurrencyFair To Receive A Money Transfer From A Third Party

Are you about to receive a money transfer from a third party?

Lucky you! And, may we say, you deserve it.

The person sending you the money is going to love you when you tell them about CurrencyFair.

This comparison page shows the savings they’ll make if they use CurrencyFair to send the money to you.

Many of our wonderful customers are people or businesses that need to receive money from someone in another country.

Payments from a 3rd party might be for:

  • Buying products or services sold via your website.
  • Freelance work such as graphic design or business consulting.
  • Sale of your real estate property or car.
  • Deposits or payments for your hotel or B&B.
  • Even reimbursement of overpaid bills (how we wish this happened more often).

It’s possible for you to receive deposits from a third party into your CurrencyFair account.

How to Receive Money from Overseas

To receive money from someone overseas, you simply need to tell them two things:

  1. The CurrencyFair bank account details (just log into CurrencyFair to find these details). You’ll want to give them the account for the currency they’ll be depositing in. For example, if they’re paying you in New Zealand dollars but you  live in London, you’ll need to tell them CurrencyFair’s NZ bank account details.
  2. Your CurrencyFair customer account number to use as a reference number.

Finally, just log into your CurrencyFair account and put in a pending deposit notification.

Of course, if you or the person have any questions, you can email us, phone us, or chat to us live.

As always, thanks for your support!

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