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Purchasing Real Estate Abroad? What to Look For

April 5, 2014

There are many reasons to purchase real estate abroad. It may have been a life-long dream of yours or perhaps you are retiring. You may be looking to purchase a vacation property as well. Whatever the reason, there are certain things to look for when purchasing real estate abroad.

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Take Your Time In Exploring The Best Place For You

Some individuals know right away where they want to move, retire, or vacation to and then there are others that need a little more time. If you are not yet sure where you want to relocate, whatever the reason, then you need to take your time and explore.

Purchasing Real Estate Abroad

One of the best ways to find your ideal place is to return to a favorite place on many occasions. You may notice and become aware of things that you had not seen or heard beforehand. What may seem like paradise in the beginning may become a little more realistic the more you visit.

Location Is Still Important

You have probably heard it said before that there are three important things to consider when buying real estate – location, location, location. It is absolutely essential that you explore the community you are in and its surrounding communities.

You want to know how close you are going to be to industry, market places, business, and commuting. It is also essential to know how close the nearest hospital and medical facilities are in your area.

Location is important because you may just want to work part time during your retirement, or you may have certain medical conditions you wish to address as you age.

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Taxes and Property Law

It is important to know all about taxes and property law when you purchase real estate abroad. You need to employ the expert analysis of a professional when it comes to any taxes or legal requirements that may or may not be associated with your property.

You will need to discuss taxes regarding salary earned from another country, taxes on real estate purchases, and taxes on property, pensions, and retirement funds. This will all have a direct impact on your bottom line and how, when, and where you buy your real estate.

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the property law in the country where you wish to buy real estate, to make sure that all legal requirements are met.

You will also need to decide whether or not your new purchase is for business, pleasure, or rental income.


If you are looking to live full time in your new real estate property, then it is even more important to get acclimated with the culture. After all, you will be living the rest of your years out in a place that may not be all that familiar. Make sure that your personality and lifestyle blends in well with the culture of those who live there.

While it may take some time, you can easily get accustomed to new culture by diving in head first into the community where you are planning on purchasing real estate. Eat the foods, drink the drinks, socialise with the locals, take walks, and explore.

When purchasing real estate abroad, you want to be sure that the culture fits in with your desires to purchase real estate there in the first place.

Return On Your Investment

You will want to do the research and look at the facts and figures on the value of real estate in that area. Has it gone up or down? What is the resale value at the moment? Studying the trends as far as value will help you make a wise decision.

These are just a few things to look for before you purchase real estate abroad.

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Best of luck with your new property!

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