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New Feature: Currency Rate Alerts

September 7, 2017 exchange rate alert / rate alert

Introducing Currency Rate Alerts

Rate Alerts

Our team of developers have been as busy as ever doing developer things…. basically building cool stuff. This week we’re delighted to introduce our latest feature: Rate Alerts.

The CurrencyFair Exchange can give our customers access to rates that are often better than what the banks or brokers can provide. Now, with our free exchange rate alerts you can stay on top of the latest market movements and never miss a rate again.

Stay informed with daily, weekly and custom updates

You can sign up to receive regular daily or weekly updates directly to your inbox, or enter a specific rate for your desired currency and you’ll receive an email once your rate is available.

Daily Rate Alerts

Select your preferred currencies (eg EUR to GBP), and each weekday morning you’ll receive an alert informing you of the best rate available with CurrencyFair that morning.

Weekly Rate Alerts

Select your preferred currencies and each Monday morning you’ll receive a summary of the previous week’s rate currency movements: the weekly high and low, as well as the best rate currently available on CurrencyFair.

Custom Alerts

If you’re looking for a specific rate on your preferred currency, then set up a custom alert and we’ll let you know when that rate becomes available. Never miss out on a rate again with this helpful new feature.

All our alerts give you the true exchange rate, ie the one you get with CurrencyFair. There are no hidden fees or sneaky costs: what you see is what you get.

You can manage your alerts so you have full control over what you receive and how often. Create multiple alerts, cancel old ones and update your settings at any time through our alert management page.

Sign up for our Exchange Rate Alerts today, and stay up to date with all the latest market movements and best rates available with CurrencyFair.

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