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CurrencyFair – Brand Launch Announcement

October 21, 2016

We’re thrilled today to unveil our new brand and website.

Over the last number of months at CurrencyFair we’ve pulled ideas together from all over the company to try and put into words exactly what we think and feel about our company and our customers.

We ran focus groups with our customers, had lunchtime chats, internal creative sessions and even one-on-one interviews, all focusing on one question:

What makes us proud of the work we do and drives us to build a better service every day?

During these sessions we talked a lot about how accountability and openness help us to build trust and how that trust leads to new customer referrals every day.

From here we started to look at where exactly we sit in our customers’ day-to-day lives. We kept coming back to the idea that we want to create a fair service that really empowers people to make the best decisions about how they exchange their money.


Our new logo consists of four perfect circles illustrating the constantly changing and active relationships between CurrencyFair, our Customers, our People and our Partners.

With our new look website we maintain all of the same functionality our customers are used to, while bringing a fresh and colourful update that we hope you will all appreciate.

We are really proud of what we have achieved over the last 6 years, with over €4 Billion transferred through CurrencyFair, and over €145 Million of our customers’ money saved.

With these new changes, we’ll continue to offer the same great product and level of service that we have done to date, while also working even harder to both improve and add new features for all our existing customers and those we have yet to meet.

Yours fairly,
Brett and the whole team at CurrencyFair.

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