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Migration Around The World [infographic]

October 21, 2014

We recently looked at Why British Expats move to Australia, and also the wider trends for emigration in our post Where Have All The Expats Gone?

We’re continuing this focus with a look at some more statistics and facts thanks to a handy infographic from, Migration Around The World

(click image for full version).


The research here shows that 33% of the world’s total immigrants reside in Europe, and only 20% in the USA. Of those who head to the US, two thirds do so for “family reunification”. The UAE has the highest proportion of foreign born residents in the world.

It’s not too easy to migrate to certain places either, with Japan and Australia being two popular spots with quite high barriers to entry. Japan’s total population is comprised of only 1.7% immigrants, while unlawfully entering Oz can see you detained or imprisoned – better get that Visa sorted!

Elsewhere, you must be 24 years of age to qualify for Danish citizenship if you’re married to a Dane, while Switzerland and Iceland have the best employment rates, if working is your thing.

Speaking of Iceland, bardarbunga-eruptionthere was another recent volcano scare when Bardarbunga (part of the Dyngjujokull glacier) erupted, threatening the northern hemisphere with costly travel disruption. Thankfully, it didn’t get too serious, but the raw natural beauty on show every time Mother Nature suffers some molten indigestion is quite awe-inspiring. Here are some of the most magnificent images you’re likely to see this side of Eyjafjallajökul.

Struggling to pronounce Eyjafjallajökul? You’re not the only one. Here’s how it’s done.

Simple. Here are some examples of how it’s not done.

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