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Co-Living and Co-Working Spaces for EU Digital Nomads

May 4, 2016 business / expats / startups


A Guide to the Coolest Co-Living and Co-Working Spaces in the EU

In a world where smartphones never stop dinging and email inboxes endlessly fill up, work/life balance is becoming somewhat of a fable. Coliving spaces blend working life and non-working life into one, but the net effect of this for many people is a more social life.

It’s a concept that’s catching on among millennials, startups and digital nomads.

Interested in co-living? Throughout the EU, there are plenty of options. We’ve narrowed down 20.

Co-Living and Co-Working Spaces in Europe

Welcoming freelancers and entrepreneurs, is a co-working, co-living space that will fit up to 20 employees at a time when it launches. Founders Matthias Zeitler (who is a bit of a digital nomad himself), Heinz Grunwald and Uwe Allgauer are entrepreneurs who put their heads and collective experience together to introduce the co-living concept to rural Austria.


Nest Copenhagen
Spread across four apartments, Nest Copenhagen is currently home to more than 20 professionals with more always welcome. Nest is a pure co-living space and doesn’t have room for co-working. That said, by living with these entrepreneurs, nomads can bounce around ideas and “drink red wine, eat together, watch movies, and talk about everything from business to life to relationships.”


Casa Netural
The team at Casa Netural grew up scattered across Italy, and with their combined knowledge, they can help any nomad settle in comfortably. Located in Matera in Southern Italy, Casa Neutral attracts entrepreneurs, remote employees, startup founders, freelancers and more. Casa Netural is intended for short-term stays, which makes it perfect for group working vacations.


Southwest Collective
Southwest Collective organizes weeklong co-working retreats in the Algarve. This co-working and co-living retreat is meant to be part vacation, part work opportunity. Live with entrepreneurs from all over the world who will share their experience and knowledge.


Pura Vida Hub
Pura Vida Hub offers both co-living and co-working spaces in Bucharest, making it the first of its kind in the country. The co-living area includes views of the city with a shared kitchen. The Hub boasts multiple high-speed Internet connections (note: Romanian Internet is fast, too), so video calls shouldn’t drop. And Pura Vida never closes its co-working space, so night owls can turn around big projects on tight deadlines.



Coworking in the Sun
Although mostly a co-working space, Coworking in the Sun in Tenerife does have a package that includes co-living. Each room houses three employees or students (you included) and includes a kitchen, one to two bathrooms, three bedrooms and DSL Internet throughout. Coworking in the Sun also offers Spanish classes and online marketing lessons.

Experience the beauty of Galicia when living in a remodeled house at Sende. Digital nomads Edo and Maria founded Sende when they decided to stop in Northern Spain and fix up some old stone buildings and convert them into creative and co-living spaces. The location, just a half hour north of the border with Portugal, is ideal for biking, camping and hiking.

Sun and Co.
With co-working and co-living spaces, Sun and Co. in the Valencian Community region can house more than 20 remote workers. The four-story property dates back to the 19th Century but still features modern amenities, organic fruit and coffee, a barbeque, private rooms, and speedy Internet. With 20 workspaces, there’s always room to brainstorm.

The Entrepreneur House
The Entrepreneur House has a short-term program (two months maximum) for digital nomads who want to work and live in Barcelona. Residents get their own SIM card, visa help (as applicable), access to workshops and their own workspace. Make sure to ask about the Focus 55, a “mini ‘hackathon’ to work at a BIG goal” that lasts 55 hours.

Hub Fuerteventura Coworking & Hackspace
Located in Las Palmas, Hub Fuerteventura Coworking & Hackspace lets coders, designers, remote workers, bloggers, digital nomads and local professionals live in one space. Head down to the workspace anytime 24/7, taking advantage of the high-speed Internet. While living here, make sure to sign up for one of the many workshops that Hub Fuerteventura offers.

Another sunny co-living space is bedndesk in Mallorca. Each living space includes a double bedroom, a terrace on the roof and a kitchen. Along with Internet, residents can also use a 3D printer and a standard printer, a Skype room, a meeting room, a break room and a work desk.

Roam is building a network of co-living spaces around the world, and one of its first locations is in Madrid. The Madrid villa was once used by the Vatican and has been around since the 1800s. It includes communal spaces and a desk for working. Roam’s agreements let you remain mobile, too — you can pay for a set period of time and get access to available spaces in Miami, Bali, and the anticipated spaces in London and Buenos Aires.

United Kingdom

The Collective
“Taking inspiration from the old-fashioned idea of community,” The Collective strives to unite young working professionals in the UK. It does this by offering a number of co-living spaces and co-working spaces around London that present affordable alternatives to the city’s expensive housing market.

Wake up each day ready to work when room cleaning and concierge services are included. Residents can pay rent through all-inclusive billing. There are also events to help nomads meet others in their new community.


Multiple Locations

Sunny Office
Katja Andes couldn’t find a co-working and co-living space that suited her in the Iberian peninsula, so she started her own: Sunny Office. Companies can bring their staff to one of Andes’ three locations — in Spain and Portugal — for company retreats. Sunny Office offers at least five retreats a year.

Surf Office
Located in Gran Canaria (and with another in Lisbon, Portugal), Surf Office is yet another co-living space that seeks to unite entrepreneurs with the coastline. Bring the whole office for a company retreat or come alone. Companies that have favored Surf Office include Yelp, Mozilla, Adobe, WordPress, Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Why build a co-living and co-working space when you can just live at somebody’s house instead? That’s the premise behind Hoffice, where groups of nomads and entrepreneurs live together in one house, working, eating and spending time together. The Hoffice network has spaces across Europe and the rest of the world.

The Remote Experience
Nomads will visit Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and Croatia with The Remote Experience this summer. This program lets nomads live, work and travel with 30 others for four months. An apartment is waiting in each new country with Wi-Fi and one to three bedrooms. After the European tour, The Remote Experience will be going to Asia and Latin America.

Hacker Paradise
Hacker Paradise is an opportunity for travel with a bit of work mixed in, too. Entrepreneurs, designers, developers and other professionals are welcome. The group travels across the world, and one of its stops is Porto, the capital of Portugal’s famous Douro wine region.

DNX Camp
Specifically designed for digital nomads, DNX Camp is a year-long program with locations around the world, including the Greek Aegean island Lemnos. The founders are all digital nomads and seek to connect with other nomads around the world. If you enroll in the program, be sure to attend workshops and talks and engage in group activities.

Terminal 3 Work & Travel
Terminal 3 Work & Travel sends a group of professionals to six countries, including Germany and Hungary. While living in Berlin, sign up for a language class, stay in a comfortable room, attend networking events and hop online to get some work done in the coworking spaces. Travel insurance is included.

images: Hannah Wei, markusspiske, Unsplash

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