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Lessons from a Legend – John Eales at Singleton Rugby Club

April 15, 2011

I was having lunch with John Eales at Singleton Rugby Club the other day (okay, so were about 600 other people) and apart from telling some great stories about his time playing rugby for Australia, he talked about how the support from senior players and coaching staff he received early on helped him to achieve his goals. Two Rugby World Cups!!

Support and encouragement is just as important for any start-up business and CurrencyFair is no exception. Ireland is a great place to start a business; there is such a wealth of knowledge from seasoned entrepreneurs happy to share their experience as well as government-backed programmes dedicated to driving new growth and re-focusing Ireland’s plans for the future. We work closely with Enterprise Ireland here in Dublin and as we begin to expand our business outside of Ireland, specifically Australia and New Zealand, it reinforces the importance of these initiatives in taking Irish businesses global.

I recently attended great events hosted by Enterprise Ireland in Melbourne and Sydney around St Patrick’s Day. Paul Burfield and his team, Maria and Laura, did a superb job, providing a stage where Irish companies could establish key working relationships within the region with the aim of building export growth for Ireland. It also gave the Irish Ambassador to Australia the chance to remind people of the great achievements being made by Ireland and Irish companies. I know there will be a few sceptics out there, especially with all the bad press on Ireland at the moment, but take a look at this link if you don’t believe me!

I’ll leave you with a story Ealesy (we are good mates!!) told about one of his trips to Ireland… John Eales, up early after his flight to Ireland is having breakfast in the hotel when a message comes over the PA: “Mr Eales we have an urgent phone call for you at reception.” A little annoyed at having his Irish breakfast interrupted he makes his way to reception and is handed the phone: “Good morning, Mr Eales. This is your wake-up call.”

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