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Jamie Heaslip Speaks Exclusively with CurrencyFair

March 12, 2015

Since suffering a serious back injury in Ireland’s win against France on Valentine’s Day, Jamie Heaslip has had to watch his teammates progress from the sidelines. Sitting two points above England at the top of the table has certainly helped the Number 8 deal with his setback.

Jamie recently sorted us out with a signed Ireland rugby jersey, part of our sponsorship of the Six Nations coverage in Australia with beIN SPORTS, so we thought we’d check in and see how he’s progressing and how he feels Ireland’s campaign has gone so far. (transcript below)


How do you feel it’s going so far?

JH – The 6 Nations is going well, Ireland are in the position they want to be coming into the last two weeks of the competition. All eyes will obviously be focused on the Wales game, first things first there’s a massive challenge ahead, but in a position they want to be in and a challenge they want.

And obviously we did much better without you during the English game….

You’re so quick to remind me!! It’s great the lads went well, Jordi went really well, the whole back row. Tommy O’Donnell had to step in ten-fifteen minutes into the game, and that seamless transition that the lads have had is great. We need a really strong squad to win this competition, and a really REALLY strong squad to go well in the World Cup so it’s great.

And you’re feeling much better now?

Yeah, I’m as good as gold ready to go.

That titanium spine of yours, they should experiment on it!

I’m tellin’ ya, the Wolverine blood is going well, I’m getting a lot of stick over the Wolverine blood. No, it’s great to have the support of all the Irish down under.

We just want to wish you well down there and whatever time you’re up watching the match, the support is appreciated.

I don’t doubt it – no matter what time, it’s going to be late at night over there or early in the morning, either way, you know, somebody is going to be cracking open a set of cans anyway and having a bit of craic down there! But that’s what you want, you know?

Well hopefully it makes them feel closer to home.

Yes – 100%.

Thanks very much Jamie.

C’mon Ireland!

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