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Is My Money Safe With CurrencyFair? [Short Video]

July 24, 2015 how-to

After reading the article Money Transfer Companies Compared, most people realise that banks tend to roll their fees and charges up into their exchange rate so they can claim “zero commission” on your transfer.

Once people understand the hidden fees charged by banks and other such companies, they realise how much they can save by using CurrencyFair.

The only questions that remain for someone looking to send money abroad tend to be around safety, speed, and service.

Today we’ll examine at the safety aspect.

Let’s hear from our customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

Is CurrencyFair Safe?

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Your money is absolutely safe with CurrencyFair. We are a regulated payment services provider and we’re regulated by EU regulations, the Central Bank of Ireland, as well as ASIC in Australia.

Now that means that we have to keep your money separated from our own so it’s held in a separated, segregated client account.

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