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Is It Possible To Transfer Money To 3rd Parties In Other Countries Using CurrencyFair?

July 15, 2015 how-to

Step by Step Guide on How To Send Money Overseas

With thousands of customers around the world, we are often asked by our customers if they can use CurrencyFair to send money to a third party.

It’s a sensible question, particularly as this article revealed just how much money you are losing when using banks and other money transfer companies for international currency exchange.

Let’s hear from customer service guru, Tim Porter . . .

Can You Transfer Money To Another Country Using CurrencyFair?

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You can definitely send funds to a third party in another country – it’s easy.

For example, if you want to send some money to your grandkids in another country, you can use CurrencyFair.

If you’re going on holiday and need to pay the hotel before you go, use CurrencyFair.

If you run a business and need to pay foreign suppliers, use CurrencyFair.

It could come in handy when you need to transfer money for;

  • Foreign Property purchases
  • Buying goods/services online
  • Mortgage/Loan repayments at home

Transferring Money To Another Account Using CurrencyFair

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You’ll be glad you did.

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