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We Now Accept Irish Debit Card Transfers

December 15, 2015 business / how-to

Use debit cards with CurrencyFair

Sending Money Using Irish Debit Cards With Ease

Here’s some more great news for CurrencyFair customers – if you have a debit card issued in Ireland, you can now use your card to send money into your CurrencyFair account.

Why You’ll Love Using Your Debit Card

There are a few reasons why you’ll love the fact that you (as an Irish resident customer) can use your debit cards with CurrencyFair:

      1. Debit cards are super fast. CurrencyFair is already streets ahead of banks when it comes to getting your money to another country but debit cards take it up a notch.
      2. Debit cards are even more convenient. It’s always been easy to send money abroad with CurrencyFair but now it’s even easier. There’s no need to log into your bank account to send money into your CurrencyFair client account. Simply type in your card details and the money is on its way to your CurrencyFair client account ready to be exchanged and sent to its final destination.
      3. You’ll still get the same amazing exchange rates and savings. Good news! CurrencyFair does not charge you anything extra for choosing to send in by debit card. This means when you use your debit card to send money abroad via CurrencyFair, you can still access the same amazing savings that you’ve always had as a valued member of the CurrencyFair community.

      The introduction of sending in money by debit card is a small change but it’s part of our ongoing commitment to constant improvement in order to make life easier for our customers.

      In time, we’ll introduce the option of sending in money by debit cards for cards issued in other countries.

      Which Debit Cards Can I Use?

      For the time being, your card is eligible if it was issued by one of the following banks in Ireland ​​and you are an Irish resident​​:

      • Allied Irish Banks (AIB)
      • Bank of Ireland (BoI) Use Visa Debit Card With CurrencyFair
      • KBC Bank Ireland
      • Permanent TSB (PTSB) Use Mastercard Debit With CurrencyFair
      • Ulster Bank

      What Do I Need To Know?

      Here are the key things to be aware of when using your Irish debit card:

      • There is no additional fee for using a debit card to send in money with CurrencyFair. However, depending on your card and issuing bank, payments via debit card can be interpreted as a ‘cash withdrawal’ and may carry small additional fees. Unfortunately we have no way to know this in advance, but your bank that issued the card should be able to provide more information.
      • CurrencyFair accepts debit card deposits in EUR only.
      • The card types we accept are Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Credit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards are not accepted at this time.
      • Your card must be enrolled in your card issuer’s 3D secure programme in order to use it with CurrencyFair. 3D Secure is the standard online security applied to the majority of card transactions made online and involves your bank approving the transaction by asking you to enter a password, code, or other information.
      • Should your debit card payment fail, an error message will be displayed explaining why the payment failed. This may be related to a number of factors, for example; your bank may have blocked the payment, insufficient funds on the account, or your type of card not being supported (remember CurrencyFair only accepts Irish issued debit cards). You can, of course, attempt to pay with your debit card again when a payment has been unsuccessful.
      • You can use your debit card for amounts of up to €2,500. Larger amounts must be made by the usual local bank deposit system.

      CurrencyFair customer service 750

      More Information on Using Irish Debit Cards

      If you’d like to know more you can:

      1. Take a look at our Debit Cards FAQ page.
      2. Contact our Customer Support team.

      Otherwise, log in or open a CurrencyFair account now.


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