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Ireland – The Times They are a Changin’

March 1, 2011 emigration / expats / Ireland

The Lost Decade of the Irish Economy

Ireland’s economic reality in 2011:

This week will see a change in Irish government for the first time since 1997. It seems Fianna Fáil, the outgoing party, has now been held accountable for the current state of the Irish economy resulting in the likely coalition of Fine Gael and Labour.
As an Aussie living in Ireland, I’ve always enjoyed the warm and hospitable good nature of the Irish. They will go out of their way to ensure you’re welcome, well fed and needless to say well watered! Trust me; you’ll never have a better time than out havin’ the craic with the Irish. But as a great man once said “the times they are a-changin’”, and what some may say is a legacy of the outgoing government means that many of us will get to return that hospitality, as emigration is proving a chosen alternative to the current situation.

Ireland has seen it before, but after a period of prosperity during which many Irish people returned home to further their careers and university graduates looked forward to finding Irish employment, the numbers are now on the rise for those looking to foreign shores. In fact those numbers are quite staggering; 60,000 in the last year with estimates of over 5,000 a month for this year. This loss of skilled workers is indeed a problem for Ireland but a benefit to those countries like Australia, Canada, and the US, where past generations of Irish have made immeasurable contributions… and I don’t just mean the Irish pubs!!

What does this mean for CurrencyFair? Well, firstly we are going to be very busy at the Working Abroad expo being held in Dublin on the 12/13th of March as well as Cork and Belfast in the following days.

CurrencyFair wants to help the thousands of Irish people who have made this sometimes tough, life-changing decision by ensuring they get a fair deal on their currency exchange.
Relocation involves the movement of funds, including set-up costs and ongoing payments for mortgages at home, and we will be there to show people how to do it “The CurrencyFair way”. Getting a job, the appropriate visas and accommodation usually take priority for anyone looking at emigration, but getting the most out of every euro should also be high up on the list. CurrencyFair can help you make the most out of your exchanges, no matter what your requirements.

So if you are heading to the expos make sure to stop by and say G’day, you will be surprised by how much of a difference CurrencyFair can make to your bank balance! For those of you who have already taken the plunge, we know the Irish economy will rise again and you will be looking to return home. CurrencyFair will be here ready to help you bring back your hard earned foreign currency.

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