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Interview with an Expat Blogger – A Lady in London

July 30, 2013

Julie Falconer is a London-based travel writer and consultant. She writes an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, A Lady in London, and a Europe travel website, VisitingEU, for which she has traveled to over 90 countries. Julie’s writing has featured in National Geographic, Intelligent Travel, Time Out, Lonely Planet, and other publications. She also lectures and teaches classes on social media and blogging.


Hi Julie! First things first- where do you come from, and where do you live now?

I come from San Francisco and I live in London now.

What first inspired you to travel?

I was inspired to travel when I moved to Nice after high school to attend a French language school for several months. I spent all of my weekends traveling around Europe, and loved how easy it was to visit new countries that were such a short distance away.

Your blog, A Lady in London, has quite the following- how did you first start blogging? Has running the blog changed your life? (A dramatic-sounding question, but still…!)

I stared blogging in 2002 when I studied abroad while at university. I started my current blog, A Lady in London, when I moved to the UK in 2007. Originally it was a way to keep in touch with people at home and have a creative outlet, but over time it attracted a following and I started writing it for a wider audience. Now I run the blog full-time, which has definitely changed my life!

You’ve been to over 90 countries- that’s amazing! Which stand out as the most memorable places you’ve visited?

It’s always hard to choose the most memorable, but if I had to choose a few, I would say Madagascar for wildlife, the Maldives for the beaches and sea life, Namibia and Chile for landscapes, and Spain, Indonesia, and Thailand for food.

Similarly, is there anywhere that’s still on your list to visit?

The top places on my list right now are Mozambique, Botswana, and Ethiopia.

How has the internet and social media impacted on your life abroad? Have you found yourself part of an online expat community?

I am definitely involved in the online expat community and I use social media every day as part of my blog. I share photos on my Facebook page, updates on Twitter, and pictures from my blog on Pinterest and Instagram, among others.

London stands out as a part of the world where no one living there is actually from London.. do you feel at home there?

I do. The diversity in London is one of the things I love best about it.

Lastly, do you plan to move on anywhere else?

I never know where the future will take me, so I could end up somewhere else at some point, or I could be in London for the rest of my life!

Follow Julie’s travels on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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